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BLOG TOUR - Hard As Stone by Sarah O' Rourke

Nestled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, the beautiful town of Paradise is the perfect place to raise a family, have dinner at the local diner...and chase a ruthless killer.
Jacob Stone is an undercover DEA Agent dead-set on getting vengeance for his sister’s death.  When his sources tell him that the drug dealer he’s been searching for will soon be setting up a distribution center in the seemingly innocent town of Paradise, he moves in for the kill.
What Jake wasn’t counting on, however, was falling in love with gorgeous Harmony McKinnon – the ex-wife of the man he was determined to eliminate.
Harmony McKinnon never believed she’d find love again....not after the horrors she lived through with her ex-husband.  When she meets secretive Jacob Stone and soon falls in love, she never expected that her life would be in danger again...or that the man she’d come to trust would betray her.  
Can Jake make Harmony understand his motives?  Can Harmony trust him in spite of the past?  Will they have their happily ever after?  
Not everything is as it seems in the sleepy, little town of Paradise, Tennessee!

Hard as Stone is the second book in the Passion in Paradise: The Men of the McKinnon Sisters Series, but is a stand-alone novel (165,000 words) that can be easily read without reading the first book.

“Roll on your side, baby. I want to take this sweet pussy from behind tonight.”
“But I like feeling you on top of me,” Harmony said, her cheeks burning with embarrassment at her admission.
“Sweetheart, I love being inside you any way I can get in there, but if you’re on your side, I can give you my dick and my finger on that slick little love button of yours.  Trust me, darlin’, you’ll love it when I push that button,” he promised against her lips, nipping her chin with his teeth.
Harmony’s breath caught at the rough edge in his voice and she wasted no time doing as he bid, sighing when his warm lips dropped a kiss against the side of her neck to lick her delicious flesh.  She knew the reward that could be found in Jake’s arms if she took her cues from him, and he didn’t disappoint her when his hand dropped between her legs and two fingers explored her saturated folds.
“So wet, baby,” he growled his appreciation, swirling his finger through her slit and over her swollen clit.  “I love that,” he encouraged against her ear when her legs spread and her hips bucked against his hand.  “Love how soaked and ready you are for me.  Let’s see if you’re luscious little body is ready to take my cock yet,” he muttered, twitching his finger against her nub again as he pierced her with two fingers and pulled a low cry from her lips.
Harmony moaned as his fingers impaled her, fucking deep.  “Oh, God, Jake,” she choked, rocking her hips back into his pelvis as his fingers withdrew only to sink in again a heartbeat later.  
“Oh, yeah, all this sticky sweet honey says you’re more than ready for me, Sweetness,” he growled against her neck as he pulled his fingers from the tight heat of her pussy.  “You want my cock, darlin’?  You want me to fill you up and take away the ache?” he asked, his words vibrating against her skin as one hand curled around her breast and squeezed the firm globe gently.
“Yes,” she whimpered, pushing her head back against his throat as his fingers stroked through her swollen folds again and teased her clit.  “Do it, Jake,” she begged, wriggling her ass against his hardness.  His cock rimmed her entrance, offering her just a taste of heaven, but never truly delivering on the promise.    
He sucked the vulnerable flesh at her neck; she felt his teeth scrape the shell of her ear.  “Tell me first, Harmony.  Who do you belong to?” he asked her, plucking her nipple with his thumb and forefinger before tugging it gently and sending a white hot pulse of pleasure from her stomach to her pussy.  “Who does this gorgeous body belong to?”
“You,” she managed in a voice strangled by pleasure.  Plying her nipple with one hand and her clit with the other, she felt like she was one long exposed nerve ending.  “Stop teasing, Jake, and fuck me.”  She panted roughly as she wriggled against his onslaught.

I think I’ve found myself a new fave series and even though I’ll hate the wait in between each release, these books are standalone with a HEA ~ result!!!

So in this book we get Harmony’s story, she’s a single mum of 4 year old Heaven, she’s had a troubled past, has a ton of regrets and is not looking for love, nuh huh, no way, her family is all she needs! Ha well tough luck Harmony, Jacob Stone has rolled into town, you’re in his sights & good luck getting rid of that hunk of Alpha male!

And Jake Stone is aaaaalllll Alpha, in fact he has out alpha’d all other alphas I’ve read over the past two years! Jake has his own history and his own demons, he’s walked a fine line between right and wrong and there’s more grey in his life than black & white but whoa I loved him & all the smouldering sexy he had going on!

Jake is in the town of Paradise for good reason and truly wasn’t looking for love but he falls hook, line & sinker for Harmony & her daughter but a shit storm is brewing and he cannot avoid everything that Harmony holds dear is in it’s path.

Jake manages to form some allies in the guise of Harmony’s family & indeed her little girl but Harmony is not so easily convinced, it takes everything Jake has to keep himself in check & stand his ground that he is going nowhere until everybody is safe, even if he has to die trying!

This book has some serious undertones, what Harmony & her youngest sister Honor have suffered at the hands of Harmony’s ex husband is serious stuff and it’s truly a miracle that both girls are living & breathing and moving forward to rebuild their lives. 
However, what truly made this book for me is the absolutely amazing side characters, we have Harmony’s 3 sisters who epitomise everything sisters should be in my eyes, fiercely loyal, nothing is sacred between them whether they're talking penis length or cookies! Their respective men who run themselves ragged trying (and failing) to control this crazy ass bunch, the ex sniper, the ex seal & the designer whore attorney, seriously the banter between them all had me screeching laughing, throw in a horny aged Aunt & this book just has it all.

Jake has his hands full and in true fashion the path of true love doesn’t run smooth but he manages to face his past & define his future all in one dangerous, suspenseful and hilarious swoop!

4.5 Books Knocked Off!

  • Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash
  • What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction
  • Just the Way You Are – Bruno Mars
  • The Thunder Rolls -- Garth Brooks
  • Who You Are – Jessie J
  • This is How We Roll – Florida Georgia Line
  • Total Eclipse of the Heart – Bonnie Tyler
  • When the Right One Comes Along – Nashville cast
  • In My Arms – Plumb
  • Don’t Deserve You – Plumb  
  • The Story – Brandi Carlile
  • Blink -- Revive 
  • To Make You Feel My Love – Adele 
  • Smooth – Santana 
  • Radioactive – Imagine Dragons 
  • Wanted - Hunter Hayes 

Book #1

Sarah O'Rourke is the alter ego of two best friends who bonded over their passion for romantic fiction and erotica. Born and raised in the southern United States, one lives near Louisville, Kentucky, while the other resides in Atlanta, Georgia.  Formerly an accountant and a chemist, they are now overworked, stay-at-home moms who adore their children, their husbands...and writing about love in every way possible.

Currently focusing on their Passion in Paradise series, they love to write wildly intense romantica stories that have multiple characters, but each book focuses on one specific couple that will ALWAYS have a happy ending…eventually!  The Passion in Paradise series follows the lives of four sisters, who love and infuriate each other – and the men who love them!  Each book is a stand-alone and does NOT require the reader to have read the prior books. 

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