by Nikki Groom

This story of Megan & Finn is worlds away from Nikkis Kingdom series and I applaud her for that, I don’t think I’d have been as invested if it had followed in the same vein.
We kick off meeting Megan, who’s in not only a loveless relationship but a dangerous one too. I have to say I didn’t like her much, she’s complicit in her boyfriends lifestyle and makes dubious decisions at best, it took me a while to warm up to her and actually like her.

Fate steps in and Megans life collides with Finns in the most devastating of circumstances and you wonder how these two self destructive people could ever have a healthy relationship!
They’re both like a moth to a flame and despite the burn they cannot leave each other alone, even though each time they discover something new from their past they hurt each other irrevocably.

I loved Finn, he’s intense, loyal, alpha & freaking HAWT, he’s been hit by grief and is on the verge of losing his mum and he loses himself for a while, his friends are his strength and like any great read the supporting characters really help make this book a winner, the banter, wit & humour are welcome light hearted relief in the total angst fest.

And it’s angst straight off the bat, it’s also dark, emotive, deals with some sensitive issues & is a little twisted at times, I loved how it wasn’t an easy ride, they hit so many obstacles I honestly could not see a Happy Ever After for them, they both go through the roughest ride of self discovery and it’s worth every angst filled minute, I loved their story, I loved their journey and I loved that Nikki knocked it out of the park. Well done Nikki, can’t wait to see what’s next!

4 Books Knocked Off!

(Fighting #5)
by J.B.Salsbury

KYBO just love this series hard & Blake is definitely our fave, hmmmm after Jonah & maybe Rex & *sigh* Cameron, gahhhhh these guys all offer something different, I can’t choose, this isn’t like Pepsi or Coke? iPhone or android? This is like choosing your favourite child - nuh huh, not going there, we love them all equally!

Blake “The Snake” is just a fly by his pants, take it as it comes kinda guy, well he USED to be ~ until Layla knocked him on his ass with a ready made family & an addition on the way. Blake has grown up (sort of) he hasn’t lost any of his humour or his charm, it’s now just topped up with over protective alpha.

Both Blake & Layla have complex pasts and both are fighting their own, though very different demons, we get an up close and personal look into what happened to Layla as a teenager and the gang rape we learnt about in Fighting to Forgive, what she went through is heartbreaking but the unanswered questions it has left her and her daughter with is even more so. Layla gets the chance to lay her ghosts to bed and she takes it despite what it could cost her.

Blake also has knowledge that Laylas past is back to haunt her and as he tries to wrap his head around that, protect Layla and their children his baby brother turns up with a family request shrouded in secrecy, so Blake being Blake takes it all on his shoulders, confronts his past, passes on control to his brother with his present, all whilst trying to protect their future as a family.

As ever with J. B. Salsbury we get it all ~ funnies (Blake with the OB GYN is hysterical), angst, HAWT (hey this IS Blake), feels, lots & lots of feels, especially in the last few chapters, Blake is brought to his knees & I was reduced to tears.

All in all it had to happen, Blake grew up, he’s a daddy now, his fights just got real, they're no longer in the ring but in his heart & Blake just makes it all ok *contented sigh*

5 Books Knocked Off

(Reapers MC #4)
by Joanna Wylde

I’m not sure where to begin with this review because there were things about this book that just didn’t do it for me!

So ~ what I didn't like was the heroine, well no actually that’s not true I really liked her, in fact I’d go so far as to say I could totally relate to her, single mum, late thirties, hard worker, moral, principled & as the author described her a full on momma bear BUT I just could not believe how she did a complete 180 and went against everything she ever stood for to carry out the antics she got up to! I’m all for escapism as a reader but it was just too far fetched for me and I couldn’t buy into it AT ALL!
I also after reading the first 3 books in this series couldn’t believe that the Reapers would just let that slip by, I don’t want to give anything away but considering they were tipped off that she could be working against them it took less than 2 sentences for her to be believed and given the chance to redeem herself!

Despite the above I did love this book, Joanna said she hoped we loved the older characters and I did, Picnic’s a full on alpha with a soft side to match his wild side, London adjusting from boring to crazy and taking it all in her stride. The way she goes all in and is accepted into a community that is alien to her really shows what she’s all about and the strength of her character.

There’s a lot going on in this book from wayward teens, to the cartel, to dodgy cops, explosions, tragedy & lots & lots of schmexy!! It’s got it all going on and apart from how I felt about the above it’s gripping stuff!

I feel like we know the Reapers now and some of their traits, they’re recognisable and hysterical when all together doing their thing, a few new characters were brought in in this book and I’m hoping they get their own story.

There’s no doubt Joanna can write a good MC book, she obviously does her research, the sex is panty melting stuff, alphas galore, strong women and I cannot wait for what’s next!

3.5 Books Knocked Off!

(Men of Honor #3)
by K.C Lynn

          I have loved this series from book 1, K.C. Lynn was like a breath of fresh air in a saturated market of NA, these books are a wonderful mix of alphas, amazing side characters, comedy, drama and off the page HOT!

      BUT, in my humble opinion they were a good read, awesome reads, worth every penny but they didn’t stand apart from lots of other similar books out there, boy meets girl, path of try love doesn’t run smooth, happy ever after, love it but I love lots of books like that!

       SO, we’ve seen Cade in the background, broody, almost sullen but solid and dependable, clearing up the messes his friends left behind, modern day musketeers, one for all and all for one, there isn’t much these guys wont do for each other, you get that, you feel it, it’s translated well and with all the hype building that Cade was up next, I was nervous that K.C was not going to be able to pull this off.

      Yeh well that will teach me, I sobbed my way through the prologue and from that point on I wanted to take Cades heart and massage it back to life because what he went through as a boy, what he witnessed and what he lost destroyed him, he was so damaged that all my pre-conceived ideas flew out of the window. I had no idea where his story was going to go.

      We know that all 3 men carry physical scars from their last mission together and we know that they were tortured but it’s always been sort of a secret what they actually went through, well not anymore it’s all laid out there in all it’s ugly glory and once again K.C broke my freaking heart. Not that I needed reminding but these men may not be blood but they’re brothers, they all made the ultimate sacrifice for a girl they hardly knew, a girl who eventually brings Cade back to life.

          SO ~ back to Cade & Faith………..

       Faith has her own demons, she fell victim to a monster and was saved by a hero but that’s where their story is destined to end, she has to rebuild her life on her own, with just her faith in god and her family she manages to do just that and a move to a new town changes the course of her life once more.

      When Cade & Faith are thrown together once again by coincidence and history seems to be repeating itself for another brother & sister, Cade cannot resist the urge to go all in, his hero complex and alpha male is out in full force but he will not compromise with god and neither will Faith, so a little girl with a dodgy name and a lisp and a teenager with the world on his shoulders help to show them the way. Rarely is their story easy but it’s real, it’s not all wrapped up in a pretty little bow and never have I rooted for a couple more.

      K.C. Lynn is NOT getting five stars because boy meets girl, they fall in love blah blah blah, she’s getting FIVE FREAKING STARS because she went against the grain, she made me want to stop reading because it hurt too bad, she made me want to throw my kindle at the wall, this story was gritty, it gave me feels, it made me laugh, then cry, then laugh again, it answered my unanswered questions and she did Cade justice, he deserved this, he needed it and K.C. Lynn did not disappoint!

5 Books Knocked Off

Review by Laura 10th October 2014

(Unfinished Heroes #4)
by Kristen Ashley

Oh where do I start, I freaking loved this book! There, review over, what more is there to say? Ok, I’ll tell you why.

We all know that KA has a particular style of writing, a particular style of alpha, a particular style of female lead, for me that NEVER gets old, it’s why I drop everything to read her books and Deacon (WOW) is no exception. I read a lot, a crazy lot & I can’t imagine KA ever not being my go to author!

So Deacon, the mysterious, dark, indifferent Deacon, you didn’t need to know what Deacon was about from the author, it shined off the page that he was broken in some way, trying desperately hard not to fall for the gorgeous cabin owner and you could also chuckle to yourself knowing he was going to fail miserably at that particular task!

I loved the slow burn in this story, the timeline drove me nuts whilst I was reading it, get together already!!! But it gave a wonderful insight into Cassie. She’s no damsel in distress, she’s surviving in the face of adversity, she’s fiercely independent and is carving out a life for herself, man be damned! I love all of KA’s heroines but I never feel as if I could be them, Cassie was different, I really connected with her & thought, hmmm she could be a really good friend of mine, she wasn’t doing anything amazing, just being herself and owning her life, shaping it to how she wanted it to be.

And the disclaimer, do not read on if you’re adverse to dark romance, bondage, anal sex - beg your pardon, bring it on KA and bring it on she does, the sex is off the wall, the trust that’s built & shared actually made me quite emotional, Deacons past is ugly, really, really ugly and he gives Cassie a part of himself that I’ve never seen before from a KA alpha.

This book is different and that’s all good for me, not a lot of drama and an intense slow burn kinda read but KA still delivers powerful messages if you’re inclined to want to find them, if not, this is still a hot, emotional, highly enjoyable read.

4.5 Books Knocked Off

Review by Laura 28th September 2014

by Tijan

I have mixed emotions about this book, I loved it, I truly did and I’ve said it before about Tijan that I would recognise her writing in a book without a cover.

Her main characters are very distinctive, badass, tough female MC’s & aloof, melt your panties male MC’s, there’s always an underdog and there’s always a bad guy and that’s where I’m undecided - I think I was expecting it to be mixed up a bit and that was a bit disappointing albeit briefly.

However, what this book didn’t give me in different characters it gave me plot, twists and turns, roller coaster of emotions, many intakes of breath, suspense, mystery and an awesome ending.

Taryn is a system kid, mixed up in her dodgy boyfriends life and gets adopted at 17 into every girls dream home, but as ever all is not what it seems, she can’t let go of her old life, she becomes embroiled in her new life and before she knows it she’s fighting battles on both sides of the fence.
Despite her criminal past, she’s principled and fiercely loyal and there aren’t any lengths she won’t go to to protect the ones she loves.

I liked Tray, he has his own demons and secrets and his quiet smouldering strength of character was addictive, I just wanted a teeeeensy bit more………….now Jase, holy f**k I really hope he gets his own book, he is one hot piece of man and the mystery surrounding him just made him hotter!

All in all, I could never be dissuaded from reading a Tijan release, she is just THAT good, this leant more towards YA than NA but what it lacked in sex it made up for with an impactive storyline and above all it gave me “feels”.

4 Books Knocked Off!

Review by Laura 28th August 2014

(The Beautifully Broken #4)
by Courtney Cole

Courtney Cole has done it again! With each release in her 'The Beautifully Broken' series I think there's no way she can top that one. Uh yes she can!
Until We Fly is the story of Brand and Nora. To say these two had some f-ed up childhoods is like saying water doesn't fall from the sky when it's raining. 

'I stand on a wall to protect what is mine.'

Brand Killien is a decorated Army Ranger who is now in a private security business with Gabe (gawd I loved him in 'If You Leave'!). Brand is summoned home (Angel Bay) because of his father's passing by what has to be one of the cruelest mothers I've ever read about in a book.

'She is tossed by the waves, but she does not sink.'

Nora Greene by all accounts is smart, loyal, beautiful, rich and hiding one of the darkest, most f-ed up secrets....ever! Home at Angel Bay after finishing law school she's struggling with how she will make it through the summer with those dark secrets looming so near!
When a series of events has Brand saving Nora and Brand being injured Nora comes up with a plan to take care of Brand (a long time high school crush for her). This will allow her to escape staying at her family home as well as give her a chance to spend some time with this hunk of a man!
Two people who know a lot about feeling lost and broken manage to heal one another but when the time for the summer to end comes can they walk away? Will Nora be able to beat back Brand's inner demons? Will Brand be able to save Nora from the blackness that is still trying to pull her under?

Courtney Cole's ability to weave a story had me up to the wee hours of the morning reading this one. It is not to be missed! I can't wait to read what she comes up with next!

While this is a series each can be read as a standalone as well and end with HEA.

5 Books Knocked Off

Review by Amy July 10th 2014

(Charistown #3)
by Lisa N Paul

Just when I think Lisa N Paul cannot go any further with this wonderful, complicated bunch of Charistown Characters she just blows me away again.

I couldn’t wait for Kyles story, he’s been such an ass for the past two books, you just knew there was something going on there and when I read what’s moulded him into the man he’s become my heart broke for him (I might have even she a tear) his childhood was truly the stuff of nightmares & yes he’s been a womanising asshole but when it mattered, growing up he was everything that everybody around him needed, he took a lot on his young shoulders and burdened the demons that haunt him today. When he wakes from the fog of alcohol & drugs, he’s smart, loyal, honest & HAWT!! The come to Jesus he has with his younger brother started me bawling again, Kyle is so much more than he has ever let on and he deserves every bit of happiness he can get.

We know in Storm Front Kyle’s had a car accident and is recovering but Lisa takes us back to that night and we get to hear exactly what Kyle was feeling and it’s another heartbreaking moment, we also meet Cate who happened across the accident and stayed with Kyle until help came, neither expected to see the other again. 

Cate is such a sweetheart, she too has demons but has strived to overcome them and set herself aside from her past, she’s developed an amazing armour to keep everything bad out but what she didn’t realise that she wasn’t allowing any good in. Her best friend Elliot is a hoot and is the ying to her yang, they were childhood neighbours so there are very few secrets between them but even Elliot struggles to hold Cate together when she reaches an all time low.
Cate is used to being fiercely independent, she knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to go for it, as long as it’s on her terms, it was hysterical to see Kyle figure out how the hell he’s going to deal with this firecracker who’s barrelled into his life.

This is an amazing story of two broken souls who over come all the odds to find happiness, a story of how family doesn’t need to mean blood. I love this crazy bunch, every last one of them and we have a newbie Ando, I’m intrigued to see what’ll happen with him, is he a threat to Gage? Lyla has added another few layers to her already greatly protected heart, it’s going to take a strong man to get that girl on side and I for one cannot wait!

*ARC provided by the Author for an honest review*

4 Books Knocked Off

Review by Laura July 10th 2014

(Maddox Brothers #1)
by Jamie McGuire

*Sigh* ok so this may not be popular but this book just didn’t do it for me!
First off, I have no idea why it was set in the same time frame as Beautiful Disaster, BD was such a phenomenon, did we really need to be reminded what happened with Travis & Abby? I don’t think it added anything to Trenton’s story and what was Trentons story? Yeh he’s a good guy beneath his tattoos and reputation for fighting & womanising, he has a soft spot for his 5 year old neighbour and he’s like a big brother to her and he’s loved Cami forever, but I didn’t feeeeel that and I desperately wanted to feel it. I’m used to feeling real intensity with Jamie’s writing so I was disappointed by the lack of it in this book.
Cami had her reasons for being independent but I did not understand her family dynamic at all, her brother & cousins ridiculous guilt trips on how she was bringing the family low just didn’t sit right with me - would a family who preached they were super close really treat their sister/cousin like that? It just seemed bizarre to me and I couldn’t separate it enough to believe it.
There was so much that just got touched on but had no depth, Trents ex girlfriend, why he’d never made a move on Cami before, why he was so close to Olive, no interaction with his brothers other than brief glimpses of Travis.
So what I did like? I did like Cami & Trent as characters and I liked them together, but they definitely didn’t sizzle. I loved Cami’s relationship with her best friend and how she totally engaged with everybody she came in contact with. I loved Trent’s passion & his determination to reach his own personal goals but what made the book for me was that I LOVED LOVED LOVED the ending, I wasn’t expecting it, I hadn’t guessed & it did blow my mind so 10 out of 10 for that.
I am not comparing this book to Beautiful Disaster, I just think it lacked a story and was mediocre, Jamie is an amazing writer but another book in this vein would discourage me from reading on about the other brothers.

3 Books Knocked Off

Review by Laura July 5th 2014

by Jayne Harvey-Berrick

I have to say this book didn’t take me quite in the direction I was thinking it would from the blurb but  never the less it was a spectacular read!

Hearing from Hallen as a naive teenager really set the background and where his head is at, he’s not some jumped up gigilo that thinks the world owes him a favour, he gets caught in a lifestyle he never would have chosen and only ever really tolerated, his relationships with some of his clients are so sweet & sincere you cannot help but adore him. Yes he messes up often but he owns that and he definitely learns from it! His journey to becoming an adult and everything he experienced really kept me captured & I was desperate to find out where his life would lead.

His relationship with Laura threw me a little & I felt she had a better handle on the reality of it than Hallen did, he over simplified it & didn’t really consider at any point the implications it might have on her and her circumstances, he wanted her to grow & love but only on his terms, there was an imbalance there that if only he’d taken a step back & reflected he could have saved them the train wreck of heart ache we all saw coming from a mile off!

This book epitomises the saying “you can’t help who you fall in love with” and highlights the trials and tribulations of Taboo relationships but Jayne Harvey-Berrick has a way of getting the reader to root for her characters regardless, read & find out if Hallen & Laura overcome the obstacles of their own creation & get their very own Happy Ever After!

*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review*

4 Books Knocked Off

Review by Laura June 29th 2014

(Choisie #2)
by Lori Otto

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Lori’s work, she writes beautifully and oh so eloquently that you’re drawn in and invested with her characters to the point that it makes your heart sore when things don’t go quite the way you expect.

It’s also no secret that I’m not a huge fan of YA (I think that’s just because I have children this age!) but after reading the Emi series, I just HAVE to know how this family end up and as with Contessa this book was no hardship to read.

So, Olivia & Jon are growing up, Jon’s in college and Olivia isn’t far off graduation and they’re dealt a few hard knocks that threaten to rock their very foundation. First dealing with the intrusive paparazzi & Jacks overbearing daddy routine. I’m totally Team Jack but oh how he irritated me in this book, he’s so ridiculous the way he treats Olivia & I love the way Jon handles him, he’s a hormonal, horny teenager and he has more maturity than Jack at times, I miss fun loving Jack, he so serious nowadays :(
There are a lot more trials & tribulations along the way, I won’t spill them here but they’re life changing, they define future paths and truly do throw every test at this young couple, they’ve committed to a physical relationship and even that throws them some curve balls, I swear these guys just cannot catch a break! Olivia is such a brat at times, but she’s growing and learning and quite self aware, I like her, she’s going to be a strong capable woman I’m sure. My opinion of Jon hasn’t changed since reading Contessa, he’s smart, loyal, honest, mature beyond his years and achieving so much whilst swimming against the tide but the very end of the book has me doubting him and as I mentioned at the beginning, my heart is sore at how this part of their story played out.

As ever Lori ties everything together beautifully with her amazing supporting characters, Matty is still my fave, I hope he gets his own book.

This book is cram packed with emotion, intimacy, family, friendship, mistakes & hard taught lessons, it was purely a joy to read!

*ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

5 Books Knocked Off

Review by Laura June 20th 2014

(Passion In Paradise #2)
by Sarah O'Rourke

I think I’ve found myself a new fave series and even though I’ll hate the wait in between each release, these books are standalone with a HEA ~ result!!!

So in this book we get Harmony’s story, she’s a single mum of 4 year old Heaven, she’s had a troubled past, has a ton of regrets and is not looking for love, nuh huh, no way, her family is all she needs! Ha well tough luck Harmony, Jacob Stone has rolled into town, you’re in his sights & good luck getting rid of that hunk of Alpha male!

And Jake Stone is aaaaalllll Alpha, in fact he has out alpha’d all other alphas I’ve read over the past two years! Jake has his own history and his own demons, he’s walked a fine line between right and wrong and there’s more grey in his life than black & white but whoa I loved him & all the smouldering sexy he had going on!

Jake is in the town of Paradise for good reason and truly wasn’t looking for love but he falls hook, line & sinker for Harmony & her daughter but a shit storm is brewing and he cannot avoid everything that Harmony holds dear is in it’s path.

Jake manages to form some allies in the guise of Harmony’s family & indeed her little girl but Harmony is not so easily convinced, it takes everything Jake has to keep himself in check & stand his ground that he is going nowhere until everybody is safe, even if he has to die trying!

This book has some serious undertones, what Harmony & her youngest sister Honor have suffered at the hands of Harmony’s ex husband is serious stuff and it’s truly a miracle that both girls are living & breathing and moving forward to rebuild their lives. 
However, what truly made this book for me is the absolutely amazing side characters, we have Harmony’s 3 sisters who epitomise everything sisters should be in my eyes, fiercely loyal, nothing is sacred between them whether they're talking penis length or cookies! Their respective men who run themselves ragged trying (and failing) to control this crazy ass bunch, the ex sniper, the ex seal & the designer whore attorney, seriously the banter between them all had me screeching laughing, throw in a horny aged Aunt & this book just has it all.

Jake has his hands full and in true fashion the path of true love doesn’t run smooth but he manages to face his past & define his future all in one dangerous, suspenseful and hilarious swoop!

4.5 Books Knocked Off

Review by Laura June 10th 2014

(The Mitchell-Healy Series #1)
by Jennifer Foor

I’m a fan of Jenn Foor & a huge fan of the Mitchell Series, they’ve provided many a good storyline & a giggle in my reading life but I do struggle with books about kids of characters who are now all grown up, I think the original characters lose a little of the identity that I know and love about them!

In saying that I did enjoy Noah’s story, here’s a boy who had a tough start in life and the only thing that has ever been his constant is his crazy family, they took him in when he lost his mum, they protected him and to them his future has never been in doubt, he’ll follow in his fathers footsteps, as far as they’re concerned there isn’t another option!

But Noah has other ideas, he works hard, he gives a lot of himself but he’s never been given room to make his own choices & he feels suffocated, when it all comes to a head one night he bolts…..straight into the path of Shalan, also stuck in her own kind of hell, working in a bar in the back of nowhere with a deadbeat boyfriend, no family to speak of and dreams of stardom!

They make their way to NYC and for a while they forget that they’re running from reality & just enjoy getting lost in each other, but reality finally comes a knocking, they both get the opportunity they want but Noah knows he doesn’t have that luxury, when Isabelle needs him one night, his mind is made up for him and he returns home leaving Shalan alone but able to follow her dream!

Noah still has to battle his father, his families disappointment in him and a resentful ex girlfriend, just as Shalan decides she’s going to bust her ass to make this work it all blows up in their faces.
Noah has commitments as does Shalan. Can time apart allow them both to figure it out and forge a future together or are their worlds just too far apart to meet anywhere near the middle?

Noahs story was a light easy read but I missed the craziness of the Mitchell & Healy clan, in my mind they were never going to get old and serious, they’d play pranks in their rocking chairs with their walking frames & spike each others coffee with viagra and this story stole a bit of that dream for me!

*ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

3.5 Books Knocked Off

Review by Laura June 1st 2014

by Sidney Halston

This book was like a breath of fresh air, not entirely what I expected from an MMA read.

It begins with one of the funniest opening chapters I’ve ever read and I was hooked, I immediately loved Chrissy & Jack.

Chrissy is in town to save her brother Slade’s ass (again) he’s been arrested for fighting and despite being three years older than Chrissy and a professional MMA fighter, she carries a lot of guilt and responsibility after the death of their father so will do anything to keep Slade on side, even if it’s to her own detriment. She’s a doctor and has an desire to help & care for people but has her own demons and to watch her to try to reign in these two full on alpha males was so funny.

Jack is Slade’s best friend and grew up with them both, he’s surprised at how much Chrissy has changed, he’s a hot, sexy, badass cop and fights MMA as a hobby, he makes it his mission to look out for Chrissy whilst she tries to wade into Slades business and the results are hysterical, I was literally laughing out loud as they interacted and throw in a quarter pit bull Chihuahua called Drogo and I was done for!

I devoured this book in one greedy sitting, it has serious undertones but for me it was a funny, sexy, fresh easy read, a little predictable and the angst that was portrayed didn’t jump off the page to me, there was one teeny weeny heart stopping moment that had me sucking in my breath & thinking NO WAY (you’ll know it when you get to it) but you’ll have to read it to find out if this trio find their way to their own happy ever afters!

*ARC provided by Netgalley*

4 Books knocked off

Review by Laura May 30th 2014

by E. L. Montes

I find it incredibly hard to do a book like this justice in a review, a book like this changes you, it changes your perceptions, it left me feeling like I’d accomplished my own mini personal journey and that I am now a slightly better person from what I gained reading this stunningly, heartbreakingly beautiful story.

Jenna has been throughout the most incomprehensible devastating tragedy, my heart broke for what happened to her & the aftermath of that event, it threatened to break a young girl who has everything to live for & break her it did for 4 long years and then she meets Logan and he just “is” no bells & whistles, he’s just Logan, his own demons haunt him but he’s found a way to cope and he want’s to help Jenna move forward & be all he knows she can be.

It was so heart warming to watch Jenna blossom when she was shown unconditional love, something her parents hadn't been able or had been unwilling to give her for over 4 years.

Jenna & Logan eventually have to face the harsh reality of her condition and my heart broke all over again watching them struggle to hold it all together & not being able to quite manage it & despite their best efforts they’re torn apart, do they have what it takes to find their way back to each other and have their very own happy after after?

*ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review *

4 Books Knocked Off

Review by Laura May 16th 2014

(Runaway Train #3)
by Katie Ashley

This is BY FAR my favourite book in this series, not that I don’t love all things Katie Ashley because I do but I just felt as if everything clicked into place for me with Rhys’s story!

I’m sure Allison will be up for a sainthood at some point in her lifetime because she is just that sweet, ordinarily this would irritate the life out of me but it doesn’t with her, she’s just super nice, she loves hard and gives so selflessly, her aims are simple and she strives to achieve them, she doesn’t want to cause waves or divide loyalties and tries desperately to get what she wants without hurting everybody around her. She’s incredibly switched on and when she spends some real quality time with Rhys she see’s him for who he truly is, it confirms for her what she’s known for over 7 years, but it takes Rhys a lot longer to be on the same page…………

Rhys, poor poor Rhys, what a complex soul he turns out to be and my heart broke for him seeing what he has to juggle personally to be able to succeed professionally. His relationship with his parents and the treatment of his sister has defined him and he has a jaded version of love, so much so he deals with his relationship with Allison all wrong, totally breaking her heart and acting like a complete asshole but we do get to see what’s behind the facade and if he wasn’t hurting himself & Allison so badly it would almost be funny to see how stupid he is being. 

When it becomes clear that he cannot fight it anymore another grenade is thrown into the mix when Jake finds out and loses his ever loving mind, there’s an unwritten rule book when it comes to best friends little sisters and Rhys has trounced all over it. Will Rhys & Allison get their own happy ever after or is it all too much for this close knit group to overcome?

In true Katie Ashley style she gives you pause for thought on some serious issues, autism, step families, child neglect, all very subtle but brilliantly done as usual.

Though I have to say, chapter 1 with Rhys, Bella & AJ has shot straight to the top of my all time fave laugh out loud moments in a book!

*ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

4 Books Knocked Off

Review by Laura May 12th 2014

by Nyrae Dawn

I’m a huge fan of M/M ~ well, because it’s hot but this book is so so much more.

This is a beautiful story, not all about the sex, but how a couple coming out for the first time effects not just them, it has a ripple effect on family, friends and everybody around them, Nyrae just made you feel their angst, their pain and the misery of the heartache they go through, it jumped of the page and it made you realise that love is love, it’s not defined by gender.

Alec & Brandon were not much more than children when they first met each other and fell in love, they’ve fought against their attraction for over 5 years, spending each summer together but hiding from everybody else. It takes Brandon having a serious accident to make them both wake up & realise what they could’ve lost.

Now at 21 with Brandon on the edge of a huge football career and Alec feeling suffocated by his hometown and his bigoted father they’re ready to embark on a summer like they’ve never had before.

Their journey is sexy, sweet and heart wrenching at times, Brandon is struggling by what defines him, is it football, is it his sexuality, is anything he does good enough for his family? He is consumed by thoughts that he just doesn’t measure up. Alec is a constant source of support despite his own struggles and not knowing where his future is headed and if he’ll ever fit into Brandon's world.

This truly is a story that will stay with me, it actually taught me something and I’ll be carrying that lesson and these two adorable characters with me for a very very long time.

*ARC provided by Netgalley*

4 Books Knocked Off

Review by Laura May 8th 2014

(Club Destiny #7)
by Nicole Edwards


Put everything down, Nicole Edwards has released a book ~ that cannot just be me ~ can it?

I loved this story and yes we get the steam factor that’s a given with this author, she writes menage and kink with the best of them but in this book there was a lot more at stake for each character personally.

We know Sam by now and we know that she feels deep (no pun intended) Sam want’s to add a third party to her relationship with Logan but she doesn’t want fleeting, she want’s something meaningful, that can be developed. Luke & Tag passing through left a mark on her and she doesn’t want to go there again!

Logan is torn, he’s not as sure as Sam, yes, he loves the experience but does he want it forever? He does know that he’ll go to great lengths to make Sam happy even if he has to compromise himself a little.

Elijah is a bit of an enigma, a man that’s sweet & sexy all in one delicious package. Yes the gang know that he lost his wife at a young age and that he still considers himself a married man but they don’t know the history that he and his wife had and what leads him to being so taken with the idea of adding to Sam & Logan's relationship. It made my heart hurt how much he struggled with his feelings towards Sam whilst staying loyal to his wife, whether or not he makes the leap you’ll have to read to find out!

The story blends perfectly, no games are played, hearts & souls were bared, I loved how the new more easy going Luke looked out for Logan & had his back, I loved how Logan's feelings developed for Elijah, not as a sexual attraction but as somebody he cared for and respected & I loved how Sam & Elijah just clicked, it made for an beautiful read and you couldn’t help but want it all to work out for these three, especially Elijah ~ nobody deserves it more.

*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review*

4 books Knocked Off!

Review by Laura May 4th 2014

Tabitha Suzuma

So a friend and I read this book last week. We both like to take on the really tough reads, discuss, and all that jazz. Let me just say that neither of us knew what we were getting into with this book. Don't get me wrong, we read the blurb. We knew the subject matter, but the taboo topic doesn't even hold a candle to how deeply the reader connects with Lochan. Tragically broken doesn't even begin to describe how damaged he really is, and still managed to be one of the most beautiful characters I have ever read about. He was so absolutely selfless, and loving, and depicted exactly what a parents neglect can do to a child's psyche. There is such a suffocating desperation when reading from Lochan's POV. I don't even think that description accurately describes the intensity of it. 

I had a huge internal struggle while reading Forbidden. I was afraid of this story. Afraid of opening my mind up completely to it. Afraid I was going to keep myself from opening up my mind, and that in itself really pissed me off. I have never felt such intensity, pain, sorrow, and hurt on such a level as I did with this book. The writing is excusite. Pure beauty in the words. I felt so deeply for these characters, especially Lochan, and that truly freaked me out. 

The subject matter is so taboo and it forced me to try and pry my mind open. My mind resisted strongly. My mind and heart were in a struggle. My heart wanted to, of course, feel for every emotion, but my mind was screaming to stop. However, I think in the end, my heart felt more for Lochan's extreme inner turmoil, struggles, and fears that had nothing to do with the taboo subject matter.

"Even though I'm surrounded by pupils, there is this invisible screen between us, and behind the glass wall I am screaming - screaming in my own silence, screaming to be noticed, to be befriended, to be liked." ~ Lochan

There is no way to portray these feelings with words. It just has to be personally experienced. Felt. It was and still is a little personal growth journey for me. I repeatedly told myself, I can't give up, or give in to my fears. I refuse to. 

I highly recommend this read, but just know you will forever be changed by the words this author uses to tell her tale. It will shove you out of your comfort zone. Your heart will consume it while your mind screams for you to stop. It's all worth it though. I'm glad I had the courage to read about Lochan and Maya. Lochan will forever be in my heart, and in a way I will probably always mourn his story. 

5 Books Knocked Off

Review by Holli May 3rd 2014

 ROOM 212
by Kate Stewart

I've got to say I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I honestly wasn't too sure what to expect when asked to read and review, but I'm glad I accepted.

Room 212 has a little bit of everything we all love in a good love story. It even has that perfect amount of angst. That amount that makes you want to reach in the book and smack the characters around, and then yell "GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER ALREADY!!!"

The story hooked me from the beginning, and had a fabulous array of supportive characters. I have no doubt you will love Seth and Laura's journey to real and true love.

*ARC provided for an honest review*

4 Books Knocked Off

Review by Holli May 2nd 2014

(Monster In His Eyes #1)
by J.M. Darhower

KYBO were super excited about this book, we love J.M. Darhower & the Sempre Series is one of our all time faves, but how many times has a synopsis reeled us in for us to be left disappointed so I was wary to say the least & proceeded with caution ~ but can I just say WHOA I was NOT disappointed, not even a teensy bit, this book does exactly what it says on the tin and some……………..

This story has you at hello, the questions start mounting up almost immediately and your greedy for more, needing to know what’s making everybody tick, the professor? Karissa’s mum? The roommates boyfriend? Somethings amiss but you just can’t put your finger on it, the author has a knack at this I’m sure because I was completely reeled in & I just knew this would be a could not put down read. 

Karissa has led a sheltered life but a difficult one, never having really settled anywhere and a mum so neurotic it’s exhausting, she’s trying desperately hard to carve out her own life and be independent. I think she’s incredibly naive for the most part but who could resist the charismatic, walking sex that is Ignazio (Naz) Vitale, a man twice her age, he completely blindsides her and she is powerless to resist.
Naz is a total enigma, even after finishing the book I’m not sure if he’s good or evil! Did I like him ~ yes, he oozed confidence, sensuality and raw emotion but he’s a man haunted by his past and it lurks there for all to see but Karrissa isn’t looking………..until it’s too late!!

There are some moments that warrant the warning this book carries but in the main for me, a lot of it was hinted at and not too in your face gratuitous,  the sex is hot and passionately rough but well written and fit with the feel of the story well, I didn’t think it tipped the scales into too much! If you like your men dark, commanding and intense, stories of power, intrigue & menace with a dose of romance then this book is for you.

This is book one of two but is in no way a cliff hanger, I cannot wait to find out what happens next on this roller coaster journey………….

*ARC provided for an honest review*

4.5 Books Knocked Off

Review by Laura 28th April 2014

(Men of Honor #2)
by K.C. Lynn

Release Date May 1st 2014

Book 2 in the Men of Honor series and this time we get to see Sawyer fall on his ass for the girl, we know Sawyers story, he fights the same demons as Jaxson and save for a strained relationship with his father he’s pretty much an open book………with an ego as large as Texas & a temper to match when pushed, he’s unapologetic for how he is and cannot believe that his charms don’t have Grace falling at this feet and into his bed!

Grace however, is fighting demons all of her own. K.C. Lynn didn’t have me at hello but she had me at the prologue, I broke my heart for Grace and the horror she had been through at just 17 and for the 3 years since, she’s been dealt a rough hand, not only by the horrific event that changed her life but by everything that has happened since, she’s been horribly let down by those closest to her and it’s been a bunch of strangers from Sunset Bay that have become her surrogate family and proved to her that family doesn’t have to be blood. Grace is just the sweetest girl, she has simple dreams involving cupcakes & pies and Sawyer handles her all wrong when he doesn’t get his own way quickly enough……….but it’s the wake up call he needed & enough to make him sit up and take notice and then it’s game on, he doesn’t give up until he gets the girl!!!!

Sawyer is relentless, but he’s also well aware that Grace needs care, she needs time and patience and he gives that to her in spades, he proves to her that his heart beats only for her and despite the bumps they hit in the road on their journey, he manages to beat back her demons with him at her side every step of the way.

K.C. Lynn is quickly becoming one of my fave authors, she has the ability to blend all the essential ingredients for an amazing read seamlessly and make it appear effortless. The subject matter is extreme yet this book is still an easy, enjoyable read that had me crying, laughing & horny all in the turn of a page. Throw in a stray dog, a crazy Grandma & more Alpha Male than a girl knows what to do with and I’m sold!

*ARC provided for an honest review*

4.5 Books Knocked Off

Review by Laura 25th April 2014

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by A.E. Woodward

It’s taken me a long time to write this review, I’ve deleted it twice, I just don’t think I can do it justice and put into words quite how beautiful a book it is and how much it affects you as a reader.

We’ve all heard of Karma yes? Reap what you sow, get back what you dish out!
But have you heard of Kismet? Maybe you’d know it better as fate, what’s written in the stars, what’s mapped out for you, there is nothing you can do to change it! Heavy stuff huh, well this book is all about the heavy!

I must confess the first few chapters were tough, Katie has just been through the most horrific trauma and you’d have to be made of stone not to feel for her but it was depressing and I wasn’t sure if I needed this kind of read but then the author did something I have only known one other to do to me ~ that is she started to weave a web, introducing characters and building up a background that made me want Katie to get better and live and hope and dream and have her hearts desire, she deserved it, she deserved it more than anyone I know, whether they be real people or fictional characters ~ yes I was THAT invested, I needed her to have better, to be better so that I could feel better!

There just aren’t enough impactive adjectives to describe this book, I’ve ugly cried whilst reading before but I actually had an ache in my chest that didn’t go away for days, A.E Woodward wrote it SO well that I can forgive her for breaking my fictional heart!

I loved that I wasn’t expecting the ending, I would have bet my first born that the author would never ever have chosen that option but this book is called Kismet and I now accept that it was right & it fits and as much as it tore my heart in two, it also made it a 5 star read for me!

*ARC provided for an honest review*

5 Books Knocked Off

Review by Laura 19th March 2014

(Men of Honor #1)
by K.C. Lynn

It’s no secret that KYBO loves all things Alpha, even whilst we’re reading we’re thinking “yeh, pull that shit on me sunshine and I’ll knock you on your ass” but Jaxson is a walking contradiction, yes he’s single mindedly stubborn and half the time Julia doesn’t know which way is up but his heart is in the right place, he made some pretty tough decisions so that he could be what Julia needs him to be and it’s hard to criticise him for that!

Julia & Jaxson are first and foremost friends, their bond is truly unbreakable and K.C Lynn develops their characters so well that when they blur those lines you’re doing a cheerleading dance in your head rooting for them (or is that just me??) Julia has her heart shattered to pieces but she puts on her big girls panties and carries on with her head held high with as much dignity as she can muster!

When Jaxson breezes back into town all set to get his girl the results are both hysterical & HOT!!!
Julia’s no pushover but she's also no match for all that Alpha macho Jaxson has going on either #noshamethere
They are both fighting their own demons and issues but do they each have what the other needs to get their happy ever after, whilst beating back the drama that seems to be following them whatever they do?

Throw in some amazing side characters & a crazy ass grandma - K.C Lynn produced some real magic with her debut novel and I cannot wait for book #2

4 Books Knocked Off

Review by Laura 6th April 2014

by Pam Godwin

I had no doubt that Pam Godwin would once again deliver with Deliver and deliver she did. 
Her unique story lines and clever writing will without doubt keep me a loyal fan of hers for many, many books to come.

Liv trains abducted young men to be sold as sex slaves. It's a decision she has no choice in, she has to do it to keep her family safe. 

Josh is her latest trainee. A college football star who is not only just a wonderful person but also a virgin. Liv has always kept herself completely closed off to any feelings while training future slaves UNTIL Josh. 

A suspenseful, mystery filled, beautiful story of finding love in the utmost of horrible circumstances. 

I don't ever write particularly long reviews but even if I did I could never find enough words to do Deliver justice. 

All I can say is buy this book! 

You'll be SO glad you did!

ARC provided for an honest review

5 Books Knocked Off

Review by Amy 24th March 2014

by Adrienne Frances

I LOVED this book. It's simply beautiful. I was sucked in right away, and so intrigued by the Prologue alone. I knew instantly I was going to love Ben, and affectionately refer to him as the lovable asshole. 

Ben and Dylan are two strong and dynamic characters. Their chemistry is unbelievable. Dylan does not take any shit from Ben either, and I love that in a female MC. Their story is filled with longing, passion, witty banter, and a whole lot of angst.

Adrienne has such a beautiful way with words. The simplicity and beauty in her words will have you falling in love with Ben, Dylan, and all her crazy overprotective brothers. With this being Adrienne's first novel there is just no telling how many more incredible love story's she will give us. Thank you Adrienne for bringing Ben and Dylan's love story to life in such a breathtaking way.

Everyone needs to fall in love Under The Orange Moon.

*ARC provided for an honest review*

5 Books Knocked Off

Review by Holli 20th March 2014

(Take It off #7)
by Cambria Hebert

Brody, Brody, Brody....swoon! Being a huge fan of Cambria Hebert and the Take It Off series I was excited to sign up to review the latest release Tattoo. 

Brody is an under cover cop who has been living on the wrong side of the law in order to take down a corrupt MC club. At the end of his 2 year assignment he is in dire need of some rest and relaxation. Fate has other plans. A stop at the bank for some cash before a much needed fishing trip lands him in the path of Taylor and a bank robbery.

Taylor has lived a sheltered life, daughter of a rich banker who wants her to learn the business from the ground up, is now working at her dad's bank. Who would have thought that a hostage situation would be the beginning of a love story. Taylor’s guts and determination to come out of this disaster alive bring Brody a whole plateful of troubles……

Brody is aaaaallllll man, no nonsense, calm, commanding, brave & HAWT!!! Like most Alphas we read about it’s hysterical to watch him tied up in knots over a woman when he least expects it and Taylor pushes all his buttons and drives him to distraction and she doesn’t even know it.

In this suspenseful, gripping read Taylor and Brody try to stay alive while they explore the sizzling chemistry they feel towards one another.

I don’t know how she does it but Cambria has made Brody my top favourite man in this series, - shallow much? I can't wait to see her top this one but I have no doubt that she will! 

Arc provided in exchange for an honest review

4 Books Knocked Off

Review by Amy March 17th 2014

by Jane Harvey-Berrick

Jordan & Torrey are a complex couple, both outsiders for very different reasons, her the quintessential bad girl, back in a small town after leaving Boston under a cloud & him an ex con trying to rebuild his very broken life.

They happen upon each other by chance and an unconventional friendship is formed, I’ll be honest Torrey irritated me for a while, I could see that fundamentally she was good people but she seemed to want to shock and intimidate at every turn with her smart mouth & hot body, I thought she was a bit full of herself and actually may not be what Jordan needed at that time in his life.
Jordan needed time to heal, he was the towns outcast being responsible for the death of his own brother and town hero, he has to be there for 6 months and is trying desperately hard to keep his head down and stay under the radar as much as he can. I struggled with him too at first, he seemed sullen and resigned to his fate, I wanted to see guts and determination to overcome the last 8 years, it’s only as you read on you realise what he’s been through and it truly devastated me that I’d thought negatively of him.

Against the odds they become each others salvation and it was truly beautiful to watch them grow together as couple, overcome their individual demons together and become people they could be proud of. I ended up loving them both so much and was rooting so hard that they’d find their way through the darkness.

The overwhelming emotion this book evoked in me is hope but it has it all, humour, forgiveness, redemption, angst, sexy and good ole fashioned love!

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review

4 Books Knocked Off

(Oasis Waterfall #2)
by Angelisa Stone

Angelisa Stone ROCKS MY WORLD!!!

We’ve all read raunchy, we’ve all read meaningful but very few authors blend the two together so beautifully.
Angelisas books are a pleasure to read, one minute you’re laughing, the next you’re blubbing and then before you know it you’re all hot & bothered!!!!

This book has it all, sexy HOT, humour, pain, poignancy, love & angst!!! It’s a modern day Scrooge tale - past, present & future just not necessarily in that order.

We know what Leah did from Can’t Go Home and however twisted the scheme it was with good intentions and for the greater good in what is the complete cluster fuck of a family that are the O’Donnells. I loved how we get to see Leah in a brand new light, what makes her tick, why she’s made the choices she’s made and how she’s strived to turn her life into positives and pay for her mistakes both literally & figuratively. I just couldn’t dislike her, even though she told what would usually be an unforgivable lie, she redeemed herself with me completely.

Now Tristan, ahhhhh who’d have thought I’d fall for this rich, playboy asshole, but I did, utterly and completely!!!! Adrian who???
Yes, he is a complete dick for the most part but I’m loathe to judge a self aware dick, he only gets away with what he’s allowed too and he’s paying his dues whilst his brother and sister are getting to live their lives away from scrutiny and disapproval. He’s carried the burden of what he did to Leah and his torment is played out in all it’s  ugly glory, under all that asshole is a pretty genuine guy who cares about his nearest and dearest and wants to be the best person he can be. It was a joy to see him evolve and reconnect with Adrian & Piper, throw in all our fave peeps from Can’t Go Home and a few newbies and this is a book you should not and Can Not Go Without!!!!

ARC provided for an honest review

4 Books Knocked Off

Review by KYBO March 7th 2014

(Oasis Waterfall #1)
by Angelisa Stone

I won this book a few months ago, I’d never heard of the author or this story and I love that these little gems are out there like diamonds in the rough, it was such a lucky find for me. 
I've given 5 stars not because it's akin with the works of Shakespeare, it's because it was like a total breath of fresh air in a book world of same old, same old. 
Kathryn is so switched on and self aware and she's funny, quirky and completely true to herself. Yes Dre is gorgeous but he is SO much more and the unveiling of his big "secret" cements that. 

The plot is different to anything I've ever read and I guessed completely wrong what his secret was. It's laced with witty humour all of the way through, strong sub characters, it's just fabulous, wonderful, marvellous - a MUST read!!

5 Books Knocked Off

Review by KYBO March 8th 2014



by Jenn Foor

OK guys grab the tissues because I was crying before the prologue was over!!

The Valentine brothers, twins Brooks & Branch were brought up with their next door neighbour Katy, their parents are friends and it’s pretty clear that one of them is destined to get the girl and there’s no bigger understatement than the path of true love never runs smooth!!!

Katy loses both of her parents in 911 and goes to live with the Valentines, she eventually ends up in a relationship with Branch but Brooks was always her destiny, everybody knew this but it remains the elephant in the room for many years. Katy finally wakes up and smells the coffee after her pre-wedding night romp with Brooks, then she breaks everybody’s hearts by upping and leaving alone, leaving a family torn apart and utterly devastated.

If I’m honest Katy irritated me lots, I just wanted to shake her, she made so many poor choices and although she suffered some hard knocks that she didn’t deserve, whenever she seemed to find even ground she’d go off on another tangent that would shift the sands not only under herself but of everybody around her. She just never seemed to learn by her mistakes but if I give her any credit it was that she would always accept the consequences and didn’t try and shift the blame elsewhere.

Branch - yes Branch was an asshole but I struggle to condemn him totally when they were SO young, rarely does a teenager have the emotional maturity to stand back and be the better man, they both loved her and Branch made the moves, his asshole tactics and the lies he told after that didn’t exactly endear me to him but I didn’t hate him flat out and I struggled to understand the outright hatred for him from Katy & Brooks, each of them had skewed moral compasses at times, I didn’t think Branch’s behaviour was much worse than theirs at times!

Brooks is just a total sweetheart although I cannot get my head around what he did on the anniversaries of Katys parents death, that’s just all kinds of wrong in my book, though moving on………he is the better man for Katy, he stands for everything she needs, strength, compassion, forgiveness and of course love. He never gives up on Katy and does his best to consider everybody involved whilst being all panty melting, swoon worthy Aplha Male HOT!

I have to say how much a part Brooks & Branches parents play in this book, they are far from perfect themselves and have their own demons but they have hearts the size of small planets and show so much care & support for the three children they raised, no bias, no judgement, just plain old fashioned love. It was so endearing to read and brought a tear to my eye more than once.

This book really dragged me through the ringer, it has so many twists and turns I was dizzy (in a good way) I loved that just as you thought nothing else could possibly happen, another bombshell would drop and make you draw in a breath and shed tears. It’s a beautiful tale of love, forgiveness & redemption. Jen Foor did an excellent job, I never doubted that she wouldn’t!!

ARC provided for an honest review

4 Books Knocked Off

Review by KYBO March 2nd 2014

(Love In The City #1)
by Steph Nuss

Wanted By You is a beautiful story about a second chance romance. Carter and Elly were both captivated by each other from the second they set on eyes on each other. A strong friendship is built, but before they are able to explore a deeper relationship life takes them away from each other.

Steph Nuss, gives us a unique reuniting scene between Carter and Elly. A beautiful and heartfelt story unfolds as Carter and Elly get a second chance at friendship and love. You can't help but be captivated by Elly's strength and character and your heart will be stolen by Carter's love and devotion. Will life allow them to stay together or does it have a whole other set of plans?

This story isn't just about love either. There is a slew of one of a kind, funny, and heartwarming characters. You don't only fall in love with Carter and Elly, but all the fabulous characters you meet in the Love In The City Series. I can't wait to read about the next loveable set of characters that might get a chance at love.

Thank you Steph Nuss for giving us such a sweet, beautiful, and heartwarming story. 

Arc provided for an honest review.

4 Books Knocked Off

Review by KYBO, February 28th 2014

by Leighton Del Mia

I’ve been in an utter quandary about how to review this book, for me it was an utter mind fuck!!!!

You get from the blurb that Calvin Parish is a modern day Hero, he’s ridding the city of New Rhone from scum and gaining some pretty notorious enemies along the way! 

Catalina is an average girl, she had a tough childhood but it hasn’t defined her, she’s getting by - lusting after her boss, fantasising over Hero and as far as she’s concerned there’s nothing out of the ordinary about her or her life.

So why the mind fuck?? I don’t even know where to begin, but I’ll try……..

Calvin is an ass, Hero says to me saviour, role model, aspire to be, yeh, he was none of that! I did not like him at all from the moment we meet him to the last page! I honestly did not find anything redeeming about him at all, I didn’t care what his excuses were, what his background was I thought he treated Catalina appallingly! I love Alpha Males but I don’t think he projected Alpha, he just screamed entitlement & arrogance.

Catalina and her emotions are what were most real for me in this book, I felt her fear, her confusion, her devastation, her desperation and her utter despair, she kept it as real as she could and fought to keep herself sane under what were the most bizarre of circumstances, I loved that she kept a fire in her belly and never gave up on what she knew was right!

I would’ve liked just a little bit more, the back story wasn’t enough and I felt the ending and epilogue were rushed, though the Novella “Keep Me” may assuage that craving…………

To sum up, this book wasn’t for me, I love angst but this was a little too predictable to be angsty. I can’t reconcile the subject matter and Calvins behaviour with what he claimed to be to Catalina and that all is forgiven without redemption for what is a heinous violation however you wrap it up!
I do want to highlight what I thought were positives, it evoked emotion in me, it’s gritty, raw, thought provoking and I couldn’t put it down, I read it in one sitting. I also liked the authors writing style, I would definitely read other books by her but Hero was just a tad too far for me.

ARC provided for an honest review

3.5 Books Knocked Off

Review by KYBO February 27th 2014

by Mia Sheridan

First, let me say that Archer's Voice is a MUST READ!! I don't think I even have enough words to convey just how much we loved this book.  It was heart warmingly beautiful. A tale about two beautifully damaged characters that still find a tiny piece of hope to cling too. Through each other they face their demons and find the strength to heal.

Archer and Bree are two of my favorite MC's. I absolutely loved the amount of strength , love, and honesty they both conveyed. There were so many times I wanted to climb inside the story hug Archer, and kick the ass of anybody that dared to treat him differently. 

The villains in the story were downright full of hate. The viciousness in their bite was truly despicable. Their hate was absolutely born out of epic amounts of jealousy. Mia wrote them in a way that really does make it easy to hate them, and love Archer and Bree a million times more.

Arc provided for an honest review

5 Books Knocked off!!

Review by KYBO February 18th 2014

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(No Mercy #2)
by Lea Griffith

In book two of Lea Griffith's series No Mercy we meet Bullet's sister Arrow and Rand's best friend Adam. 

From the time she was a baby Arrow was trained to kill. She suffered years of torture at the hands of Joseph Bombardier (the man who had her since she was 4 years old). Joseph thought he broke her but he under estimated his years of torture and training. Arrow was unbreakable. When Arrow went rogue her only mission was on revenge. She wanted Joseph and the collective dead. Love was something Arrow never had and something she believed she was incapable of feeling until she met Adam. 

Adam thought he left his heart in Afghanistan with a woman who was promised to marry another man. Until the first time he laid eyes on Arrow. He wanted to hate her. He certainly didn't want to love her but his soul wouldn't deny it's mate and Arrow was his soulmate. 

She was afraid of the darkness. He wanted to be the light in her dark. 

Is their love stronger than their need for revenge against Joseph and the collective? 

This is a suspenseful read, a complete page turner and not for the faint of heart. 

I cannot quite put into words how beautifully written this series is, quite simply Lea Griffith is truly a master at her art!

5 Books Knocked Off

Review by KYBO 6th Feb 2014

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(No Mercy #1)
by Lea Griffith

This is not one of your Momma's romance novels!!!
It's a raw, gritty, at times very violent, emotional roller coaster. Not for the faint of heart! 
Remi has never known a life without heart ache. She was trained as a young child to have no feelings and to kill by a crazy, sadistic fawker named Joseph. When given the assignment to kill a man named Rand she can't do it. She has found it easy to justify killing others in the past because they were never good men but Rand is different. 

Rand is a broken man. He lives with the devastating murder of his wife and daughter by a man who was seeking revenge on Rand. 
Rand makes his life's mission to find and kill the man responsible for the death of his family.

Rand didn't want to fall for Remi. Remi didn't see the goodness in her that would ever allow her to fall for Rand. 

A story about overwhelming heart ache, revenge, and unexpected love. You won't be able to put this one down! 

5 Books Knocked Off!!!

Review by KYBO 30th Jan 2014

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by Nashoda Rose

***ARC provided by Author via NetGalley***

Torn From You is one intense, dark, twisted, violent, and sexy tale. I loved every single insane second if it. I couldn't put it down. Nashoda Rose is one dark badass writing diva with this little jewel. 

In With You, the novella, introduces you to Sculpt and Emily. You learn how they met and tag along as their love story begins. It's a sweet and sexy little novella, but slams you with one helluva disturbing cliffhanger.

Now,when you dive into Torn From You, you can go ahead and forget about that sweet and sexy shit you got in the novella. Enter the dark, twisted, and violent side of this tale. Oh, and throw in a little bit, no wait, a whole lot of sexy. 

Emily just thought she knew Sculpt, the man she fell in love with. She knew he had dark and secretive past, but she was in for a shock when she found out just how disturbing that past is. Thrown into Sculpt's secret past causes Emily to question everything about the man she truly loves. Did she ever really even know him? Did he ever really and truly love her, or has their whole relationship just been a front to suck Emily into a twisted, and violent lifestyle? Is love enough to be able to forget lies, violence, and betrayal?  Only Emily, Sculpt, and time can tell. 

If you want a read that will evoke a ton of emotions then this is a must read.It's the first book in the Tear Asunder Series, but it's also very much a stand alone. I can't wait to read about the rest of the Tear Asunder gang, and see what kind of dark and disturbing literary brilliance Nashoda Rose has in store for us. 

With You and Torn From You knocked all 5 of my books off!!!

Happy Reading!

Review by KYBO Jan. 24th 2014

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(Charistown #2)
by Lisa N. Paul

I’ve had to wait a week or so before writing this review because I’ve only just picked myself up off the floor and can think about it without crying (though I’m tearing up now).

I read Thursday Nights a while ago and loved it but it didn't affect me like Storm Front so I was looking forward to a lazy Sunday read.

Ashley, Ryan & Leo are so close, friends for many years, supported each other through difficult times & as close as can be. Leo & Ashleys parents are so far removed they truly only have each other to rely on and Ryan lost his mum as a young teenager & is still torn up on the inside, his best friends mean the absolute world to him.
The first part of the book coasts along with the tenuous subject of sister falls in love with best friend, will loyalties be torn? Friendships jeopardised? Lines crossed that should never be crossed? I love that I absolutely did not expect that all of the above couldn’t be further from what actually rocked their worlds and changed each of their destinies forever!!

When tragedy strikes Ashley decides that sweet accommodating Ashley is no more, she stands up to her parents and decides a fresh start to find herself is what she HAS to do and boy does she do it. I loved and hated the change to Ashley in equal measure, I did wonder how true the author was being to her but upon reflection it was right, she needed to be different, she needed guts and determination to deal with the weight she was carrying on her shoulders.

Ryan also re-invents himself, he fought his demons and set out to win Ashleys heart all over again and OMG does he have his work cut out, my heart broke all over again after they’re reunited and the conversation they have about what happened to Ashley straight after she left town. 
I wanted to throw my iPad at the wall for the time wasted between the pair and the to-in & fro-in that goes down but Ryan doesn’t give up and although he screws up along the way, he plays the long game with no clue if he’ll ever get the girl!!
A storm broke them apart it cannot possibly bring them back together - can it???

The author truly wrote some beautiful words in this book, I was blown away (no pun intended) by the intensity and emotion this story evoked in me, throw in a family made by choice and not blood, characters with more skeletons than the local museum and you have a hit series on your hands.
I cannot wait for the next instalment.

5 Books Knocked Off!!

Review by KYBO January 20th 2014

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   by Christine Zolendz 

Brutally Beautiful could not be a more perfect description to this book. From the very first sentence I was hooked, and had yet another sleepless night because I could not stop reading. If you are a fan of dark, deep, emotional reads then you will not want to pass this one up.

Samantha and Kade are two well written main characters. They have both faced more than enough demons, but in each other they may find a hope that something beautiful can emerge.

Ending in one hell of a cliffhanger. Brutally Beautiful is full of suspense, witty humor, steamy sex scenes, and it's all weaved in with a disturbingly dark  story to give us a soul shattering, deeply intense romance. Christine Zolendz has made me a fan of her writing with this dark and twisted tale of romance. I for one can't wait to see what the next chapter in Samantha and Kade's brutally beautiful story will hold. 

I leave you with my favorite quote from Brutally Beautiful.

“I think the truth is that we are in love with the fantasy of being that one person who could inspire, arouse, or affect someone who is so untouchable to the rest of the world. It makes us feel special; like we’re the diamond in the rough, the one in a million, the one that everyone else couldn’t be, and do what everyone else couldn’t do. Imagine being that significant to someone? To never have to doubt that he loves you, or needs you, or more importantly, wants you more than any other.”

Brutally Beautiful Knocked all 5 Books Off!!!

Happy Reading!

Review by KYBO Jan 17th 2014

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(On Dublin St #3)
by Samantha Young

I loved On Dublin Street, wasn’t so keen on Down Dublin Rd but I’m right back in the game for Before Jamaica Lane, I love series’ that work through a group of characters, it’s like curling up for a pj & dvd day with people you feel you know.
I wasn’t sure what I thought of Liv to begin with - I thought she was a bit odd, all gangly & awkward - ya know, the girl we all love but don’t want to be!! However, as the story developed I realised that her opinion of herself was not necessarily what others saw - her confession to Nate after Joss & Braydens wedding and their conversation about it the following day broke my heart (I actually shed a tear or twenty). Liv is smart and completely switched on, she was dealt some rough cards during her childhood and missed out on the lessons of refinement that most people suffer through their teenage years and she’s been beating herself up ever since, never quite getting where she wants to be.
Nate had similar teenage experiences and this in the main seems to bond them as firm friends, though he is the complete opposite to Liv on the social scale with his man whoring ways, they trust each other and are able to be themselves in each others company. Nates a good guy, he’s loyal & despite his whoring around he’s honest and upfront with women, I didn’t get the impression that he was particularly arrogant or overly cocky.
When Liv & Nate decide to cross the proverbial line (uh oh) under the guise of “lessons” for Livs confidence - it’s playing with fire and as we all know what happens when you play with fire!!!!!
Will the risk they take pay off, will they divide their friends loyalties, will Liv get what she truly think she deserves and is Nate the right person to give it to her - you’ll have to read to find out and hold on tight because it’s one hell of a ride.
I love the side characters in this book, the group of friends are a solid gang that truly have each others backs and it was lovely to see the development of Hannah, she’s being brought into the fold as a mature, opinionated 16 year old and is having her own mini dramas, we’re also treated to a delightful little secret of Joss & Brayden’s, these characters sure have some interesting times ahead.

4.5 Books Knocked Off!!!

Review by KYBO Jan 15th 2014

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(The Marriage Diaries #5)
by Erika Wilde

I love The Marriage Diaries Series, they are short little reads - too short Erika, do you hear me TOO SHORT woman!!!!!!

However, Erika packs so much into these little beauties they’re “can’t put down” reads and boy they are hot - SCHMOKING HOT, never mind Knock Your Books Off they knock your panties right off!!!

Dean & Jillian married in their late teens and have stayed married for 20 years and this book marks their twentieth anniversary - the next adventure in re-inventing their sex life is a trip to an exclusive sex club - sounds sleazy but it’s not at all, Dean treasures his wife and whilst the experience pushes her boundaries like never before he still respects her body and soul, so what could easily turn into something cheap & tacky actually serves to strengthen their relationship even further.

Erika rocks the boat in this book and although touched on in the previous books she brings it right to the fore in The Invitation that although Dean adores Jillian, in ex-marine all alpha male style, he does like his wife at home being a wife and mother, with the children grown Jillian wants to accept a job offer and they hit an impasse that neither of them are prepared to budge on - how Dean deals with this - is just WOW - if Erika had been in front of me I would have smacked her upside the head with my iPad - I shed tears at Deans actions and whilst I’m a self confessed angst whore I was truly gutted he messed up as he did!!! In saying that it was what pushed it up from a 4 to a 5 star read.
But all is not what it seems - could Jillian & Deans actions actually bring them to a conclusion that they can both be happy with???

ARC provided for an honest review

5 Books Knocked Off from KYBO

Review by KYBO Jan 15th 2014

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by Belle Aurora

Well to be fair the author did warn us - the cover clearly states that this is not a love story!!!!
Both Lexi & Twitch are survivors of horrific childhoods - his clearly more traumatic than hers.
Whilst Lexi pulled herself through by education and trying to pay something back  by helping societies most vulnerable kids - Twitch takes on the world with violence and underhand dealings - both are very successful in their own worlds!!
The plot for the most part is predictable, we knew who Twitch was, we don’t really know what his motives are, he kept talking of wanting to “break Lexi” & “make her pay” it’s a cat and mouse game that I didn’t really understand. (do note that I didn’t stop reading!)
Lexi drove me nuts with how weak she appeared to be at Twitches hands and at times I think she’s incredibly shallow but despite myself I grew to like them faults n all. (so who’s the shallow one here?)
At 75% I was convinced that this had to be a cliffhanger ending because I still didn’t have a clue where this could possibly lead and THEN it all started to slowly but surely click into place - piece by shocking piece!!!!
It’s incredibly sad why Twitch seems to be wired differently to everybody else and it does solve some of the “enigma” that is Twitch.
Amy & I read this together and the jury is out on whether the ending is right!!!
The epilogue is a complete & utter mind f**k, a real sob fest whilst thinking oh no she didn’t - she did, she fucking DID!!!!! If it had been a paperback I’d have been convinced that there were pages missing!
If you only read books that stay inside the proverbial box and are all tied up with a pretty little bow then this book is not for you, it leaves you reeling, but as ever with the wonderful world of reading it's all about perception, give it a go, go on I dare ya!!!!
Amy knocks a star off for the ending I think the ending deserves an extra star so we’ve split the difference and it’s:

4.5 Books Knocked Off from KYBO

Review by KYBO Jan 4th 2014

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(Beautifully Broken #3)
by Courtney Cole

I’ve loved this series - Courtney Cole sure knows how to tell a story.

I felt it was a bit slow to take off, Jacey & Dom irritated the life out of me - Jacey is a strong feisty character and her constant wavering whenever she was in Dom’s vicinity made me want to shake her for being so pathetic and many times I wanted to throw my kindle against the wall. 
Dom was just a complete asshole, it got to the point where I didn’t care how much he’d suffered in the past, nothing gave him license to act as he was - the two of them were just no help to each other at all. Despite Dom saying that Jacey was intriguing to him and he had a certain pull towards her, I just wasn’t feeling it jump off the page to me and I genuinely couldn’t see how they could ever have a true, loving functioning relationship!!!
Of course I thought this as I was reading and then like all good authors should be able to do, the tide slowly turned and I realised that all that irritating ugliness I was reading was necessary for what was to come (and take note I didn’t at any point want to stop reading!!!) and as the past began to unfold and it was laid bare for everyone to see I got it!! Jasey and Dom aren’t toxic they’re necessary for each others survival, it was rough, it was raw, it hurt like a motherfu**er but it was beautiful to read and feel.
Despite how I felt when I was reading it, I actually like when authors go against the grain and it’s not all wrapped up in a neat little bow, this story takes you on a frustrating journey but it’s no less brilliant for it.
And that epilogue - WOW just WOW, it gave me chills & goosebumps whilst reading it and I’m getting the same now just typing about it, I’d completely forgotten about the prologue until I read the epilogue and it was a piece of literary genius - I read literally hundreds of books and when you read a book that effects you, there’s usually a little something that will stick with you - the epilogue of Before We Fall will stay with me forever!!!!

4 Books Knocked Off!!

Copy provided by NetGalley

Review by KYBO - Jan 3rd 2014

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(Renegades #2)

It’s not very often that a second book in a series surpasses the first but in this case I felt Rebel knocked it’s predecessor out of the water!!!

We get to know Wes & Rubi on an incredibly intimate level, there’s no real plot as such other than Rubi is damaged by her neglect as a child and has carried those fears and insecurities into her adult life, Wes is her absolute rock, he’s patient, supportive, kind, understanding & so desperately want’s to do right by Rubi he sometimes get’s it wrong!! It’s not too heavy on the angst but is steeped in desperation and turmoil and I was rooting for this pair by the end of chapter one! 

I’ve never felt so connected to characters as a “couple” as I did Wes & Rubi, I want them in my life, I feel like they are two of the most beautifully genuine people you would ever wish to meet, their kind supportive natures just shone off the page, their connection to their friends and family was just so endearing, I loved them both equally.

All kudos to Ms Jordan for some schmoooking hotness crammed into this book (fans self) OMG, this author can write a sex scene, I was hotting up from just the first kissing scene, from the stolen glances & touches - by the time they had sex I was ready to combust!!!!
I swear I felt every emotion with every glance, kiss & touch and it wasn’t smutty in the least, I felt as if Wes was literally pouring every bit of love he felt for Rubi into every moment they shared!

I was a little disappointed with the ending, I thought it wrapped up a little too quickly considering the turmoil they’d gone through to get there. I would’ve liked an epilogue to know if Rubi finally fought those demons, though in my mind how could she not with the delectable Wes to help her (swoons!)

An amazing read that I could read over and over and fall in love more and more each time with this pair.

4 Books Knocked Off!!

Copy provided by NetGalley

Review by KYBO 31st December 2013

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by Tiffanie DeBartolo

Tiffanie, is beyond brilliant in her writing. There are just not enough words, or even the right words to truly explain the depth of her writing or the emotion she evokes.

I can't even explain the feeling I had while reading this book. It's like someone crawled inside my chest and slowly squeezed the life out of my heart. A little more with every turn of the page. How is it possible to get so involved in a book? I felt as if I was actually living and breathing with these two characters and at any second the squeezing of my heart would stop and it would be completely ripped out of my chest leaving me an empty vessel wondering what the hell just happened to me.  Am I being a bit too dramatic here? Am I too involved?? Perhaps, but that's the absolute emotional brilliance in Tiffanies' writing. 

Beatrice's insane scenarios that she came up with were both funny and endearing. At times I was extremely hard on her, I don't know why I was. Jacob had his own set of mistakes, but I loved his character more than any other character I have ever met and loved. They were both imperfectly perfect for each other.

I love and hate these kind of characters that are Beatrice and Jacob, because they truly draw my feelings out and make me think. Which I LOVE. That is I hate it in the moment but after I process it I look at it logically and understand both sides. Which in reality is exactly what these characters are doing. 

Like I said I above, I have never actually felt like I was living and breathing in a characters story. Like I'm actually living it with them. It's truly an amazing writing style.

God Shaped Hole will forever remain in my heart and soul. It's just that kind of story. I will forever cherish this story and will recommend and sing the creative genius of Tiffanie DeBatarlo's writing. 

5 Books Knocked Off!!

Review by KYBO - 28th December 2013

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by Amanda Maxlyn

What's Left Of Me is the debut novel from Amanda Maxlyn. Let me just say that I was captivated by this story from the very first word to the very last. 

Amanda's way of writing draws you right into the story. I was able to feel every single emotion of Aundrea's. The sadness, the loneliness, the moments of helplessness, but there were also many moments of sweet, hope., and love.

Aundrea is a strong and determied young woman with an extremely strong will to live.
From the the beginning you live Aundrea's trials and tribulations, of living with cancer, being forced to move to a new city, new people, and new experiences. 

Moving away from where her life is was the last thing Aundrea wanted to do, but life had other things in mind for Aundrea. And none of it is bad. One night out with friends ends up turning Aundrea's life upside down and his name is Parker.

Parker and Aundrea both have expectations from their encounter, and they are far from the same. These two characters have a vast amount of every kind of attraction to each other. Amanda's refreshing writing style has you falling head over heels in love with the one of a kind, sexy Parker.

WIth an amazing storyline, a slew of dynamic characters, just the right amount of banter, and throw in a good load of angst you have a brilliant recipe for one helluva read. What's Left Of Me made me fall in love, ripped my heart out, put it back together, and then tore it back out and stomped the shit out of it, and that's all I can tell you for now.

What's Left Of Me gets a true 5 star rating from me. If I could give 10 it still wouldn't be enough.

Amanda Maxlyn, you knocked my books off with this read. I personally can't wait to see what else comes from that brilliant mind of yours. And readers if you haven't read yet, then what the hell are you waiting for?! Hurry, hurry, hurry, and then share your thoughts!

Cheers to a job well done Amanda!

5 Books Knocked Off

Review by KYBO 22nd December 2013


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(Fighting Series #2)
by JB Salsbury

I just knew I would LOVE Blake, I loved him in Fighting For Flight and he didn't disappoint in this book.
Blake's a fighter both literally & figuratively, a self confirmed bachelor and loving it!! 
He's confident, tough, cheeky, funny & just a little bit cocky and then like all good men the bigger they are the harder they fall & BAM does Blake fall ~ for Layla (lucky lucky Layla *sigh*)
Layla's a single mum to a stereotypical stroppy teenager. She is literally trying to rebuild her life from the ground up ~ new state, new job, new friends and striving to hold it all together to provide a better future for her daughter. She's vulnerable yet strong & determined!!!
But between them they have so many demons that you could almost list this book under paranormal. My heart literally breaks for the two of them whilst they try to battle those demons, JB. Salsbury certainly doesn't hold back with what she throws at these guys, I kept thinking, no more, surely they can't handle any more!
Both of their pasts are scarred and ugly but quite intricately linked in similarities and only by ripping open all of those awful old wounds are they able to have the opportunity to heal ~ but will they miss that chance as it's drowned in doubt, secrets and deceit?

All in all a fabulous 4.5 holy hotness, heart warming stars. Literary crack in its purest form!

This is MY Blake Daniels

4 Books Knocked Off!!!

Review by KYBO 20th November 2013

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