Wednesday, January 15, 2014

IT'S NOT OVER - Book Blitz Review

Since I read the Do Over I've screamed it's praises. 
When A.L. Zaun announced the next book in the series would be about Rick (the asshole in the Do Over) I thought to myself, "Ha, she will have to do one hell of a good job writing to make me like Rick!" 
In the Do Over Rick was a lying, cheating, rat! Well note to self; never doubt A.L. Zaun! Rick....swoon! 
Rick realizes that the love he thought he wanted in Dani was right in front of him all along in Madison. She was the mastermind behind all the back handed schemes Rick pulled to try to win Dani back. 
In It's Not Over we learn about the haunted, troubled past that makes Madison the hard ass she is. It'll take a lot of work on Rick's part to break down the walls Madison has built to protect herself! By the end of this story I'm rooting hard for Madison and Rick to get the HEA they deserve! 
I cannot wait to see what A.L. Zaun has up her sleeve next! 

5 Awesome books knocked off!! 

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