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I think I would know Tijan’s penmanship in a book without a cover such is the way she writes, her characters just spill off the page as tough, badass with  completely no nonsense attitudes that I LOVE!!
However, in FCP I thought I spotted a certain vulnerability from Sam, Mason & Logan that I hadn’t seen before;
Sam is the “new girl” at FCP and is like a sitting duck for the bitch pack, she braves it and fronts it out but they’re gunning for her and bring her down in the cruelest way possible, whilst she goes through hell it also brings to the forefront everything else she’s struggling with, her relationship with her dad, her relationship with Mason & Logans mum and even the tenuous relationship with the Broudou Brothers. Her friend Heather is the one constant in her life and doesn’t falter in her support whatever the personal risk to herself.
Mason, however aloof he appears to be, is head over heels for Sam and there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for her - even risk losing her if it keeps her safe & he pushes that to the very limits in FCP. Will he lose Sam in the fight for right or will the risk pay off???
Logan also shows a side to him that’s new to me, he’s as loyal as the day is long to his brother but he’s extended that loyalty to Sam and is there for her when it seems as if Sams whole world is falling apart around her,  they seem to be forming a bond that extends way beyond sister & brother in law or step brother & sister. Logan also seems to be living by his own set of rules so much so that he even has Mason on edge!!
These three characters may tread a fine line between right and wrong more often than not but in the main they’re on the right side of justice - albeit poetic!!!
I was pulled through all sorts of emotions with this book, from stressed, to heartbroken, to wary, to relieved and to that ending - just WOW!!!!
This book and these three characters are really outlining the parameters for their future relationship and I CANNOT WAIT to see what happens with them as Mason goes off to college & Sam & Logan are left to their own devices - in the words of the infamous song by ole blue eyes himself - I see trouble ahead << you SO sang that ;)

4.5 books knocked off

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