Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fighting For irish Blog Tour - Excerpts & Teasers!!!

“When you said you could only give me one night...”
Just the mention of having her at all had him getting hard in his jeans. “Yeah?”
“Well, we didn’t really get that. So I thought maybe tonight you could, I don’t know...stay?”
His hand on the doorknob tightened. Pressing the metal into his palm until it hurt was the only thing keeping him sane while she nervously asked him for something that both excited and scared her.
“You sure, kitten?”
She swallowed hard and nodded. Holding her gaze, he closed the door, flipped the locks, and secured the chain before slowly walking to her. His hands moved to her small waist as he stepped in close. Her hands slid up his arms and stopped at his elbows as though she wasn’t sure she should hold him any closer. He hated there was any space between them, but he’d allow her her baby steps if that’s what she needed to feel safe.

Ever so gently, he kissed her lips. She didn’t shy away, but met him with a quiet intensity of her own. He let her set the pace and take the lead. He didn’t want to take things further until he was sure she was ready. They came together again and again, sometimes pressing firmly as they breathed each other in. Sometimes touching with no more than a whisper as they teased themselves with the promise of more.
It was that “more” that had Aiden’s cock straining for release and his brain fighting it back to wait until she made the first move. Then again, maybe she wasn’t as ready as she’d thought.
Pulling back, he cupped her face with his hands to still her. “I don’t want you to think we have to do anything you don’t want. Sex is not a condition of my staying the night. I can just hold you and be perfectly happy with that.”

“I’m not hesitating because I don’t want to be with you. I know you’ll stop if I tell you.” She lowered her gaze and a slight flush colored her cheeks as she whispered, “I’ve never had that before.”

A silent rage washed through him for the horrors she must have endured in her past. “Look at me.” He waited the extra second it took her to obey before speaking again. “No man should ever push you for more than you can give. You have a goodness inside of you, Kat. And that goodness recognizes itself in others. So you listen to that. Trust it. And don’t go near anybody that doesn’t have what you got. You understand?”

She nodded. Tears welled in her eyes, but she blinked them back before they fell. He thanked God for small favors with that. She was already breaking his heart; he didn’t think he could handle her tears, too. “So tell me what you want, sweetheart.”
“I want my night with you, but—” She took a deep breath and pleaded with her light blue eyes. “Can you lead, but do the going slow thing?”

Aiden wanted to wrap her up in his arms and hold her close forever so no one could ever put that look in her eyes again. The people who wronged her when she was young should be bound and tortured as they’d done to her, whatever it was. Maybe someday he’d do some hunting, but his only concern now was to give her what she wanted—what they both wanted—and show her how good he could make it for her.

“Ah, Kitten, I can do more than that.” Picking up the end of her braid, he slid the elastic from it and began to unweave her hair. “I wanna make you feel things you never thought possible.” He brushed the golden-red waves behind her shoulders and sank his fingers through them at her nape. “I wanna give you nothing but good things to remember from now on. So the past can never touch you again.”

And with that promise, he kissed her.
Aiden entered her mouth and stroked her tongue with his, guiding her in the erotic dance. Not fast or forceful, but slow and deliberate. He took his time with each step before progressing to the next. He wanted her to feel every moment, every connection their bodies made. 

They broke apart, their breaths sawing in and out. With every exhale, a measure of tension left her body even as her pulse raced beneath his thumbs. Blue eyes bright with desire caged him. Swollen, cherrylips tempted him. He breathed her in, then went back for more.

He slid his hands up her bare thighs, but couldn’t feel her like he should because of the tape on his hands. He’d had more important things to worry about earlier and figured he’d cut it off when they got to their room. But there was no way in hell he’d sacrifice the feel of her on his palms if he could help it.
Using his teeth he worked at the wrap until he tore a decent chunk to grab. As he unwound it from his hand he did his best to mentally prepare her. “Listen very carefully, Kat. I wanna fuck you so bad right now I can barely think straight.”
One hand free, one to go. Again he bit at the tape until it ripped and he had an edge to grab. “This is gonna be fast and hard. I want your eyes on me at all times.”
Her breaths were shallow and quick and the scent of her arousal drove him that much closer to insanity. Finally the entire length of tape joined the rest somewhere in the back seat. 
“Eyes on me and you tell me right away if anything gets bad. Got it?”
She nodded.
“Words, Kat,” he reminded her. “Promise me.”
“I will, I promise.”
She’d barely gotten the words out before he crushed his mouth to hers. His tongue plunged inside and dominated her with forceful strokes. Licking and suckling, he ate at her like she was his last meal with only seconds to enjoy her. He fisted his hands in her silken hair and pulled, giving him better access to then feast on her arched throat.
But it wasn’t enough. Aiden still felt starved for her.
Reaching beneath her dress he grabbed her ass with both hands. She moaned and rocked herself over his erection. He hissed in a breath and nipped at the cord in her neck in retaliation. Grasping her panties he rent them in two, baring her sweet pussy. True to his word Aiden didn’t tease her or go slow. Instead he reached from behind and thrust his fingers deep inside. She cried out and dug her nails into his bare shoulders.
Pulling out more of her juices, he slicked them over her swollen lips then slid the wet tip of his middle finger up and circled her tight hole. She gasped, but pushed back against it instead of lifting away from it. That small involuntary act conjured depraved desires of plunging deep in her ass to feel her constrict around him until he lost his mind. Then again, if he didn’t bury himself in her pussy in the next thirty seconds, there wouldn’t be any left of it to lose.

Kat grabbed the sides of his face and yanked him back to her hungry mouth. Their tongues danced and fought for control. His timid kitten had become a voracious tiger laying claim to him as much as he did her and it made his cock steel-hard.
Still, despite her forward nature he felt a thread of reserve about taking her this way. It wasn’t that he didn’t like it or had ever had reservations of this kind with any other woman. But Kat wasn’t just any woman. She was special in every way and deserved to be treated with tenderness and love. He’d never forgive himself if he ever made her feel cheap or used.
“Last chance, baby,” he forced out.
“I want this just as much as you, believe me.” He narrowed skeptical eyes at her. “I know what you need,” she said, a saucy smile twisting her mouth. “You always make sure I use my words, but what you need this time are the right words.”
Her hands roved down his chest, the sound of her nails dragging along the cotton of his tank making his skin underneath envious. Aiden licked his suddenly dry lips and swallowed before asking, “And what would the right words be?”
She leaned in, closing every millimeter of space deliberate and slow, until he felt the hard points of her nipples graze his pecs and her sex rocked over his painfully hard erection. Whispering against his ear, her warm breath sent tingles down his spine that wrapped around his balls.
“I want your cock. Hard, deep, and fast. I want you...” She paused to lick up the outer shell of his ear before enunciating the last three syllables for emphasis. “ fuck me.”

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