Monday, January 6, 2014

BECK Blog Tour - Review

(Corps Security #3)
by Harper Sloan

This is one of my fave series when it comes to all things Alpha, Axel blew me away & Cage was like a wolf in sheeps clothing - all Alpha under all that lovely.
I was undecided about Beck, he hadn’t really made any impact on me, we knew something was simmering with him & Dee and this book spills it all out there in all its finery and all it’s messiness.
I liked Dee and I felt for her, she had obviously decided early on that she was going to mask any pain she had endured in favour of supporting those around her and she does it well - too well! Beck see’s through all that bull**it and decides he’s willing to ride the roller coaster that is Dee and boy does she make him work for it. Whilst I liked her I felt at times she took it too far and Beck deserved a medal for all the crap he endured, not only from Dee but also from his friends, the people who should know him best doubted him but he didn’t waver in his conviction to go with what he felt was right.
I hated the to-in & fro-in and the timescale made my heart ache for Beck but when Dee finally opens up to Izzy & Greg, it’s so incredibly poignant that I realised Beck didn’t stand a chance until Dee had dealt with her own demons.
Corps Security are rocked to their core in this book and though I sucked in a breath, shed a tear and thought - no, no NOOOOOOO, I LOVE when an author goes against the grain - it’s risky, it’s gritty and how the scene has been set I can only see good things - different but definitely good!!!!
Beck epitomises all that is alpha, he’s hot, tough, unwaveringly loyal, supportive oh and did I say hot!!! I ended up shifting from indifference to loving him in the space of a few hundred pages and this book is all wrapped up with what we’ve come to expect from Ms Sloan - humour, hotness, friendships, sexiness & glitter don’t forget the glitter!!

4 books knocked off!!

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