Saturday, January 25, 2014

UNRAVELED Blog Tour - Review

SO can your life flip on a sixpence from a horny kiss in a bar hallway with a cheating wife? - Hell yes!!!! Just ask Gray Phillips............

Gray is already bogged down with indecision, on extended leave from the Marines, he needs to decide which direction he wants to take his life in, hurt beyond hurt by an ex girlfriend who not only cheated on him with one of his colleagues but diced with his health too! It’s almost funny how neurotic he is about his hook ups. He doesn’t need complications, he doesn’t need a relationship and he certainly doesn’t need somebody else's baggage………well tough shit Gray, its coming for you like a runaway ten ton truck!!!

Sam is an army widow, she’s strong because she’s still alive after her life as she knew it was totally devastated - but she’s not living, she’s barely surviving, taking on the weight of her In Laws grief, trying to get her brother in law to engage with his family all whilst living in a shrine and working in a bar instead of pursuing her dreams. I liked Sam lots, she understands that life for anyone in the forces is a different way of living, she’s not clingy or needy and was prepared to take a gamble on love again knowing that she could be crushed again in a heartbeat.

Gray is just yum!!! He’s badass and loyal and honest and *sigh* a man!!! Yeh he fucks up - more than once he lets his mouth run away with him and he loses out dearly but what Gray shows himself to be in-between his cock ups is more than enough for even the hardests of hearts to forgive.

Sam & Gray together are a roller coaster ride and they epitomise the saying of “the path of true love never runs smooth” they have more than their fair share of hurdles to overcome together and eventually apart...........

I’m a huge fan of series that concentrate on each character and Bo & Noah just make my heart smile and the whole gang together are a joy to read.

Whatever the outcome for Sam & Gray, they both start living the lives they are supposed to live, whether they do that together,  you’ll just have to read Unraveled to find out!!!

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