Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fighting for Irish Blog Tour - Review

MMA fighter, Irish, hot badass - SOLD!!!!!

This book has serious undertones - Kat has a dark past and has been running away from it for as long as she can remember, lurching from one disaster to another, trying to do right by those she loves by not involving them in her drama, she’s just about managing to do that when a sexy stranger walks into her life - coincidence - me thinks not!!!

Aiden is on a mission, he’s haunted by letting a friend down many years ago and is adamant he wont fail again, when he’s asked to look out for his friends sister in law that’s exactly what he’s going to do however much she battles against it!!!!

Before Kat knows it her past is colliding with her present and she’s ready to bolt again but Aiden has other ideas and when he goes all alpha male on Kats ass she’s powerless to resist, throw in a motorcycle and a stray kitten and never mind Knock Your Books Off - he damn near knocked our panties off!!!! 

Aiden by default has to scheme & lie and that’s never a good basis for any relationship but with somebody as vulnerable as Kat the results are devastating and whether or not she forgives Aiden remains to be seen, it certainly isn’t a smooth ride and has plot twists that kept my stomach going like a spin cycle!!

This book is HAWT but it’s also sweet and heartfelt and a real journey of two people fighting very real demons whilst they heal each other. 

4 Books Knocked Off

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