Wednesday, March 18, 2015

BLOG TOUR ~ Yours Tonight by Joya Ryan!

He will give her everything she's ever wanted . . .

Jack Powell's confidence is matched only by his intensity. The darkness in him comes from years of secrets and memories he'd rather forget. Lana has an exotic innocence that draws him in and Jack wants a taste of her. She's a light in the darkness of his world - and she needs help, which he agrees to give her.

The only rule? He makes the rules.

Lana gives up her control, letting Jack take her body however he needs, while she works her way into his heart. But Jack's past catches up to them and Lana finds herself wrapped up in a scheme that will expose every secret she's worked so hard to keep. She clung to Jack once when her world was crashing down, but this time, she loves him. She'll continue to reach for him - her only fear is if he'll reach back, or go on his way, taking her soul with him . . .

Addictive and unforgettable, Lana's story will seduce, surprise and stay with you. 
A brand new trilogy by the #1 Bestselling author of Break Me Slowly, the Reign series is an emotional rollercoaster you'll want to keep riding forever. 

Brand new author for Piatkus Fiction - successful self-published and Entangled author with a global voice comparable to Jodi Ellen Malpas, Kim Karr and JC Reed!

Her biggest book BREAK ME SLOWLY has sold over 80,000 copies and hit #4 for all Kindle books, it reached #1 in Contemporary Fiction and Women's Fiction on Amazon, and hit Amazon's top 100 in the UK and Canada in addition to the US success. 
POSSESS ME SLOWLY has been out just under 4 months and has sold around 14,000 copies, and CAPTURE ME SLOWLY has been out 1 month and has already sold over 5,000 copies (pricing was around $3-$4 in all cases).

Joya Ryan writes dark, classic romance with traditionally bestselling themes such as billionaire/boss hero, a virgin heroine and a love triangle. 

"You look flushed," he said, his tone so raspy it made me want to tell him why.
"I was just thinking of something," I whispered, my gaze zeroing in on his mouth.
"Oh?" He took one step closer. "Care to share your thoughts?"

I licked my lips . . . ready to share more than just the thoughts. He'd said earlier he wondered what I
tasted like. I was wondering the same about him.

"Is it easy for you? Telling the truth?" I asked.
"How? Not that I lie, but I just don't know how you can say what you say."
"You mean voice what I want?"
"Yes." It was then it hit me. I wanted that. To be able to say what I wanted. Put a voice to my fears. My desires. My everything. To have someone actually listen.
"It's a matter of worth over value," he said. "Any given thing has a value. I just decide what it's worth to me to keep that value."
He took a step forward.
"For example, you have a value. My silence wasn't worth you walking away."

This was my first book by Joya Ryan and I was not disappointed in the least.

Love me some broken souls, fighting their demons and this book serves this up in spades.
I was totally gripped from the start, this author just had a way of drawing me in and not letting me go until I was rung out, reeling and thinking WTF!!!!!

Lana & Jack crackle with desire in the bedroom but almost crack under the strain out of it, they’re both holding back, not giving all of themselves for fear of the repercussions. Jack is one intense guy and he pushes Lana out of her comfort zone and gains her trust bit by bit, it’s gripping, suspenseful, off the charts hot and leaves you wanting more all the damn way through.

Joya deals with some dark issues in this book and I wasn’t sure Jack & Lana’s relationship was entirely healthy considering their pasts but there really was beauty in what they offered each other and I was itching for them to get their HEA and then, THEN…………………a freaking cliffhanger!!!!!!

I cannot believe I’m recommending a cliff hanger but this book is THAT good, it may chew you up & spit you out but gahhhh it’s worth every hot, steamy, angst filled minute!!!

4.5 Books Knocked Off!

National and international bestselling author Joya Ryan is the author of the Shattered series, which includes Break Me Slowly, Possess Me Slowly, and Capture Me Slowly. She has also written the Sweet Torment series, which includes Breathe You In and Only You. Passionate about both cooking and dancing (despite not being too skilled at the latter), she loves spending time at home. Along with her husband and her two sons, she resides in California. 


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