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BLOG TOUR ~ Resisting Temptation by K.C. Lynn!

Faith ~ 

Cade Walker is like no man I’ve ever met before. He’s cynical, brooding, mysterious and, most of all, damaged. He’s a man who declares he’s broken, and one who detests the two very things I live for most: God and love. Yet, I’ve still fallen completely in love with him because I also see the good, something that no one else ever has. I see a man who is strong, silent, honorable and beautiful. He’s a man who is now scarred just as badly on the outside of his body as he is on the inside, all because of me. One who endured severe torture in order to save me from what would be the worst thing I will ever experience in my entire life. He is a man I call my dark angel, one who will have my heart until the end of time, even if I
can never have his.

Cade ~
At fifteen years old I lost the only person that ever mattered to me, and the day I lost my little sister in the most vile way was the exact moment I stopped living and only existed. That’s until ten years later, when I walked into an open field in Iraq to hear the most incredible voice I would ever hear in my life. One that rooted me to my spot, and ended up belonging to the most beautiful woman in the world. The only woman to ever make me feel something again, something that I thought was dead inside of me. And no matter how badly I wanted to keep her, I knew I couldn’t. Not with what I have lurking inside of me. It’s something I’ve always kept hidden. That is, until the day I unleashed it on the people who dared to hurt her. It was the one thing that gave me the strength to save us, but it was also the one thing that would remind me of why I could never have her.

So ~
Now two years later, the one girl I never thought I would ever see again, the one I have spent my days and nights craving like an addict, walks back into my life unexpectedly, giving us both the shock of our lives. And when the time comes that she needs me again, I no longer resist. Before I know it, I’m pulled into a life I thought I could never have, one that scares the shit out of me but it’s one I’m realizing I want. There is just one problem. One very big problem… She lives for the very thing I loathe, and the one thing that killed my sister… God.

Faiths POV

With my vision blurry from tears, I run toward the one place Ive loved going to since coming here. The bright morning sun beats down on me, but my body is plagued with too many emotions to feel any of its warmth. They rush through my veins and crawl up my throat, trying to suffocate me, as memories from two years ago play through my head. Good ones, bad ones, they all hit me at once...

The unsuspecting smile of a beautiful but dark man, who captured my attention. The evenings of singing to him in the sunset. His hands and mouth exploring my body as I explored his. A man whose eyes held me captive, and made me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, as he moved inside of me, not only claiming my body but also claiming my heart. The same man whos shown me the only loving touch I would know for the next two years, and maybe the rest of my life.

Then come the ugly memories. The ones of rough, unwanted hands that delivered not only pain to my body, but shame to my soul. Ones that tore at my clothes, and took what was not offered to them. The sound of a little boys screams, as he begged them to stop, while he was forced to watch me be violated in the worst way.

This is what bitches are for, boy. Fucking, not singing. We will make a man out of you yet.

A sob of agony rips from my throat and I push myself harder and faster. The burn of my legs and lungs still not enough to quiet the evil running through my head.

Do you still believe in your God, female?he asks, holding my cross necklace over my beaten and naked body. When I dont answer him, he sends another blow to my already battered face. ANSWER ME!

Yes,I choke out through the blood that pools in my mouth. The sounds of a little boys broken sobs fill the air, and rip through my already tortured heart.

You are a stupid, stupid woman. I will teach you who the real God is. And before you leave this earth you will call me Allah.

This disgusting person may have stolen my body and tortured my soul, but he would not take my faith. Not ever. I stare defiantly into his malevolent dark eyes, my fear long forgotten. Over my dead body.

He responds with a malicious smile, So be it, bitch.

Spotting the crystal blue waves in the near distance, I push myself harder as I race toward the beautiful, deserted beach. As soon as my feet hit the sand I slow only enough to toe off my running shoes and ankle socks before rushing into the ice-cold ocean. Once Im far enough out, I dive in headfirst and let the fresh water steal my breath and cleanse my soul.

My lungs begin to burn so much its almost unbearable, but it does the trick. The dirty and ugly memories begin to wash away, but instead of being replaced with beautiful ones of the man who once held my heart, it holds the one of a man who was severely tortured and beaten... all because of me. The same man who saved my life then refused to ever see me again. And the worst part is, I still dont know if its because he blames me, or because he cant bear to look at me knowing what they did to me.

I have loved this series from book 1, K.C. Lynn was like a breath of fresh air in a saturated market of NA, these books are a wonderful mix of alphas, amazing side characters, comedy, drama and off the page HOT!
BUT, in my humble opinion they were a good read, awesome reads, worth every penny but they didn’t stand apart from lots of other similar books out there, boy meets girl, path of try love doesn’t run smooth, happy ever after, love it but I love lots of books like that!

SO, we’ve seen Cade in the background, broody, almost sullen but solid and dependable, clearing up the messes his friends left behind, modern day musketeers, one for all and all for one, there isn’t much these guys wont do for each other, you get that, you feel it, it’s translated well and with all the hype building that Cade was up next, I was nervous that K.C was not going to be able to pull this off.

Yeh well that will teach me, I sobbed my way through the prologue and from that point on I wanted to take Cades heart and massage it back to life because what he went through as a boy, what he witnessed and what he lost destroyed him, he was so damaged that all my pre-conceived ideas flew out of the window. I had no idea where his story was going to go.

We know that all 3 men carry physical scars from their last mission together and we know that they were tortured but it’s always been sort of a secret what they actually went through, well not anymore it’s all laid out there in all it’s ugly glory and once again K.C broke my freaking heart. Not that I needed reminding but these men may not be blood but they’re brothers, they all made the ultimate sacrifice for a girl they hardly knew, a girl who eventually brings Cade back to life.

SO ~ back to Cade & Faith………..

Faith has her own demons, she fell victim to a monster and was saved by a hero but that’s where their story is destined to end, she has to rebuild her life on her own, with just her faith in god and her family she manages to do just that and a move to a new town changes the course of her life once more.

When Cade & Faith are thrown together once again by coincidence and history seems to be repeating itself for another brother & sister, Cade cannot resist the urge to go all in, his hero complex and alpha male is out in full force but he will not compromise with god and neither will Faith, so a little girl with a dodgy name and a lisp and a teenager with the world on his shoulders help to show them the way. Rarely is their story easy but it’s real, it’s not all wrapped up in a pretty little bow and never have I rooted for a couple more.

K.C. Lynn is NOT getting five stars because boy meets girl, they fall in love blah blah blah, she’s getting FIVE FREAKING STARS because she went against the grain, she made me want to stop reading because it hurt too bad, she made me want to throw my kindle at the wall, this story was gritty, it gave me feels, it made me laugh, then cry, then laugh again, it answered my unanswered questions and she did Cade justice, he deserved this, he needed it and K.C. Lynn did not disappoint!

5 Books Knocked Off!

Grab books 1 & 2 of the Men of Honor series

Fighting Temptation, #1

Sweet Temptation, #2

K.C. Lynn lives in a small town in Western Canada. She’s married and is a stay at home mom of four: two girls and a set of twin boys. She coaches the local high school cheerleading team and also has her own rhinestone clothing business. Her love of romance books brought her to writing her first debut novel and she looks forward to writing many more. When she’s not writing, or spending time with her family, she’s reading and loves going to the movies.

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