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BLOG TOUR ~ Craving Resurrection by Nicole Jacquelyn!

(Aces #4)

Poet and Amy's story...

Patrick Gallagher’s future was mapped out—and it didn’t include Amy Henderson or the IRA.

She was everything he’d never wanted. Too young. Too naïve.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t help but be fascinated by the girl who took refuge in his old bedroom, staying with his mum more often than not.

She looked like a Renaissance painting and argued like a solicitor. He couldn’t resist her, and before long, he didn’t even want to.

Instead, he loved her unreservedly… then he married her.

But he couldn’t have prepared for what happened after.

Actions, no matter how large or how small, have consequences—and when the IRA comes knocking, he’s sucked into a life that he’d never anticipated.

Choices were made.

Hearts were broken.

Trust was shattered.

Lives were lost.

Through it all, he loved her.

It was a love that spanned decades.


I have loved this series from book 1, I was so greedy for the next book but this book threw me for a loop and for me it was such a mix of contradictions, first I’m not a fan of flashbacks to the past but this book didn’t really read like that, the prologue was the present and the rest of the book was their whole story from beginning to the present day so I got over that.
I also love the Irish, I’m British & Welsh so the Irish are our gaelic cousins and I love the lilt of their voice, I could listen to an Irish man for hours but I hate hate hate it in print, it irritates me lots but *sigh* not even that could distract from this beautiful tortured tale.

And what a tale it is, Amy has a difficult start in life, her parents are nothing short of twisted perverts where as Patrick has the opposite, his dad is off doing god knows what but his mum is his main stay and also becomes Amys safe haven too.

There’s an instant attraction with Patrick & Amy and he truly becomes her hero, him and his mum become everything she needs and protect her from the awful future her own parents had mapped out for her. Patrick asks Amy to marry him but before that he makes a mistake that changes the course of their destiny forever setting them on a path that will both make them and destroy them!

Patricks dad also adds to their misery and by default recruits Patrick to the IRA, tragedy ensues, Amy gets a job and there meets a couple who help the family escape, no longer the IRA but into a Motorcycle Club. You’d think Nicole would give us a break at this point - oh hell no she amps up the angst, amps up the heartache and nothing short of total devastation reigns down on this couple.

It’s a long ole road back to the prologue and I spent many a chapter thinking there was no way this could end in a HEA, Patrick didn’t exactly endear himself to me and I felt Amy made mistakes that prolonged everybody's agony, but it was such sweet torture, I wish I could unread it so I could ride that bumpy ride all over again.

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Nicole Jacquelyn is the mom of two little girls and a full time college student. She hasn’t watched television in well over a year, she still does things that drive her mother crazy, and she loves to read. At eight years old, when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she told people she wanted to be a mom. When she was twelve her answer changed- to author. By the time she was eighteen, when people asked her what she wanted to do with her life, she told them she really wanted to be a writer- but the odds of that happening were so slim that she’d get her business degree “just to be safe”. Her dreams stayed constant. First she became a mom, then she went to college, and during her senior year- with one daughter in first grade and the other in preschool, she sat down and wrote a story.

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