Thursday, November 21, 2013



So guys, you may be asking yourself why there's a pic of Elmo, wielding a knife and spewing profanity on our page.

As you know we're a very new blog & all three of us love reading, we're passionate in fact, I mean I'd NEVER fall out with someone over a fictional character but I'd delete them off FB, remove all trace of them from my life but we wouldn't fall out!!!

SO, back to Elmo ~ well apparently a love of reading and some very good friends are not quite enough to get a blog off the ground, when I say we went into this with eyes wide shut I'm not exaggerating, we were (and still are to some degree) absolutely clueless. I live on the other side of the world so time difference kicks our ass, I'm also a complete control freak so nothing less than perfect will do and it was stressing me out that I couldn't get the blog up and running. 
Then I put a shout out in an online book club I'm a member of & a fellow member there offered her help and boy did she help. For hours this week, she talked me through the basics, answered a ton load of questions, kept up with my bombardment of messages, my sulks when I couldn't get it right & just showed endless patience with my technological stupidity! 
When we were going through how to upload a pic the only one I had access to was our friend Elmo here, Maranda then said "right we need to set up a link from Elmo" to which I responded "ok, what book says to you ~ Tickle Me One More Time & I'll Cut Your F**king Balls Off" neither of us could type for laughing and I like to think we bonded in that moment lol. 
I know she'll be rolling her eyes when she reads this but thank you again Maranda. ❤️

So it was my intention to remove him but I think he's earnt his spot and every time I see or hear a reference to Elmo I'll have a little chuckle at a memory created throught my love of Reading. 

The wonderful Maranda who helped me has this blogging thing down so to see how a real blog should look & function then visit the wonderful gals at Sassy Sext Addiction Book Lovers you won't be disappointed. 

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