Sunday, November 17, 2013

Welcome to Knock Your Books Off

Hello fellow readers, bloggers & authors!

Thanks for dropping by our new little book blog here. Knock Your Books Off consists of three crazy chicks - Amy, Laura, & Holli, who all have a wee bit of an obsession with reading. We are all totally new to this whole blogging thing but we like to think we're some pretty smart gals and will have this  figured out in no time. Hell, who are we kidding?? It will probably take us a while to figure this shit out, but have no fear we will get there!!

Anyway, we hope that we create a fun, entertaining, book blog here for all to enjoy. We seriously doubt it will be your everyday conventional book blog that is if there is such a thing??? Considering the three of us are nowhere near normal, but a little outspoken, opinionated and obsessed with our books, we hope to creat the coolest book blog EVER!!!

So, please stayed tuned to find out about our favorite authors, book titles, lots of reviews, perhaps a giveaway or two and most likely a whole lot of shenanigans!!!

Happy Reading!!!

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