Saturday, November 23, 2013

Review ~ Trouble

by Samantha Towle

I'm a total angst whore, I love it, I thrive off it ~ just not while I'm reading it!!!

This book is an angst fest right off the bat, I was crying by 4% & at 13% & at 28% & at 94%.......(you get the idea) so I just knew this was going to be right up my street even if I did want to shake the author silly whilst I was reading. 

Mia Mia Mia!!! Where to begin?? There's no use pretending that art doesn't imitate life because at times it does & Mia is the epitome of a "victim" not a pretty label but it is what it is in this case, even if she's rationalised it in her head as to why she acts the way she does & why she makes totally inane decisions (Cue wanting to shake author silly) she's broken & weak but with that clarity that all of us women possess, she knows only too well where she's failing herself but cannot break that vicious cycle of destruction that's ruled her whole life. 

Now Forbes ~ say no more, Samantha Towle is British & Forbes is a poncey name (apologies to any Forbes' reading this but I stand by that statement) it's a name for an entitled asshole & Forbes has entitled asshole written all over him, there's a moment in the book where you could begin to understand him but I quashed that with a "it's time to grow the f**k up and be a real man Forbsie baby!!!!!!"

And then comes Jordan & ok I'll concede he's a bit of an asshole too, to begin with:

Jesus Christ, I cannot stand dramatic women. Nothing turns me off quicker ... well, apart from cuddling.
                      "Isn't that the point?" I smirk, stepping back. "You want to fuck, and I don't" 
I sweep my arm out in the direction of the door. "Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out, sweetheart".  (Snigger)

But it's ok because you know that Jordan won't know what's hit him when he's blinded by that ole devil called love <<< I totally quoted a song then, unintentional I promise!

Between them, Jordan and Mia bond but can they heal each other when their pasts are so cruelly entwined, can they overcome the bombshell that is dropped on them, the chaos that surrounds them and get their Happy Ever After???

Yes, this story has been told a million times before but a good author will always shine above all others & for me when a book evokes emotions in me that make me cry, make me want to physically punch someone or throw my iPad at the wall it's got to be 5 emotionally charged stars all the way. 

p.s ~ Last but most definitely not least, I LOVE Dozer, he's got a very special place in my heart

p.s.s ~ I'm now off to nurse my major book hangover

⭐️ 5 stars ⭐️

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