Friday, November 22, 2013

Review ~ Catch Me

by Claire Contreras

First let me say that Claire's music taste are outstanding! I found myself opening YouTube and looking up songs many times while reading Catch Me. My iPhone in one hand and my kindle in the other! I love that she gave us songs to put certain scenes of the book with! I felt that much more connected to Nick and Brooklyn! 

Brooklyn is a young woman who appears to have the world at her feet. She learned early on in life that being wealthy and the daughter of a music mogul came with its own set of problems. She finds herself betrayed by those closest to her and with very few people who truly care about her. Her battle with depression plays an intricate roll in her life and very much cripples her at times.

Nick aka Shadow is a successful music producer. The moment he sees Brooklyn in the airport he knows that he feels a connection to her. Is he strong enough to break through the barriers Brooklyn has put up to protect herself? Will secrets brought to light keep them apart? 

A beautiful love story of overcoming obstacles and finding the strength inside to over come the heart ache that life sometimes throws in our path. I highly recommend you reading this one! You'll love Nick and you will truly feel for Brooklyn!

Review by Amy ~ Nov 22nd 2013

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